Wardrobe In Style?

I made this deal with my husband recently as I have continually heard that I have so many clothes in my closet and hardly wear half of them. Same with my shoes, he commented a week ago that I wear sandals all summer long and never wear most of my shoes, so what’s the point of having them? With that in mind I decided I would wear all my shirts in the closet once before repeating a shPostsirt. If I simply refuse to wear it, than I will toss it out. I wanted to show that there is a point to all the hanging clothes and shoes that sit there. They will be worn for that one particular occasion and though it may only be once, it will get worn.

So far I’m on day 12 and it hasn’t been too bad yet. He also points out that there are many items in there still with tags on them. I told him I like to purchase a top and wait awhile before I wear it as it is a nice surprise down the road. :)


He has asked twice now if one of the tops I’ve worn is new, I hung my head low and said “no, it’s just been awhile.” We are keeping up with this quite well but I know I will hit a low and not want to wear some of them but also will have to commit to my agreement and toss it if I don’t wear it.

I will keep you up to date and would recommend most of you women should probably try this out and see how far you get before you simply don’t want to wear that shirt you bought awhile ago and only worn once.

Moment of Truth: Sometimes you simply don’t like your style after you have a baby and have to re-shop for the latest trends.

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