Worrying too Much

I had a dear friend contacted me this week with a lot of struggle and pain she is battling within her family. I felt the deep urge to reach out and see if things were okay and to my surprise that was the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for her and her family.

After a long conversation, the questions come up about anxiety, worry and fear. Oh how I know this all to well. The reality is most women probably struggle with this on some level or another. Her and I, are like two peas in a pod with fear and anxiety. We can allow it to consume our body literally paralyzing our souls keeping us from thinking beyond that moment. We go deeper and deeper into the hole of ‘worst case scenarios.’

Telling her and reassuring her that worrying will not change the outcome, it simply will make you feel worse but the outcome remains the same. As I speak this truth to her, I am reminding myself that I need to believe what I say. It’s not always easy. And this is a reality we must choose to remember. Life is hard and painful and when you are not experiencing trials of many kinds, give thanks because we know in life we are either in the middle of the storm, coming out of the storm or getting prepared to head back in. This is the cycle of life.

When we are in a healthy spot, heading into the storm helps prepare us to better handle the situation. The storm itself will also help teach us something new that we hadn’t learned previously. Take the opportunity to look at the positive while in the middle of pain, hurt, tragedy, and heartache. Prepare yourself to learn the truth in the middle of messes. This will help keep you focused and grounded.

My girlfriend mentioned how she thought she had it all together and boy did God open her eyes to realize she didn’t have it all together let alone how desperately she did need Him. What a blessing! God is working in ALL of our lives. We can tend to put our heads down in the sand when problems arise and be blinded to the hurt our dear friends are going through as well. When you pull your head up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you will find you are not alone. We all have our own stuff to work through and some is more challenging than others. But we will come through! When you are not currently in the midst of the storm, be that shoulder for those who are hurting deeply. You will be surprised what others are dealing with and you will feel a sense of relief to be able to be there with them.

Night time can be our worst hurdle. Laying our sleepy heads to rest and letting your mind wander can be a deadly trap. Waking up from cold sweats to only find you worrying yet again. Laying awake for hours hoping and praying to fall back asleep but you can’t seem to do anything but let your mind take over! These are deadly traps from the enemy. He is out to destroy you and “our minds our the last bastion of rebellion!” The power our mind holds is vast, yet God is even bigger than that!

Thanks to: keithmcadamscoachingtips.blogspot.com

Thanks to: keithmcadamscoachingtips.blogspot.com

Moment of Truth: We all long for comfort and security. This must come from the Lord and Him alone. But we all need to provide that love and prayer for one another. Be vulnerable! Be compassionate! Be wise! And be loving! I heard it once said, “we are only in the storm for as long as it takes to learn what God has in store.” Take advantage of where you are currently and choose to learn, don’t allow self pity to consume you!

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