Timeliness is everywhere in life. We try and get to work on time, church, bible study, kids sporting activities, dinner dates, play dates, piano recitals, so on and so forth. Everything revolves around time. I’ve come to realize as I have just passed my second anniversary and am coming up on my sons 2nd birthday that life does not slow down. Do I want to be controlled by time or do I want to control the time I have?

How do we feel accomplished in our day? Do we lay our heads on our pillow at night feeling we didn’t quite get everything done that we had hoped or anticipated we would? What was on your list that you wish you could have accomplished? Was it worthwhile? Was it beneficial to your family and your soul, or was is an activity that we make important in our households that may not necessarily be that important?

These are questions that have filled my mind as of recent since the whirlwind began a month ago. The chaos of my day as of recent has been filled with three tiny souls longing to be loved and taught to love. The important things such as making my bed in the morning has taken a backseat. Washing every dish in the sink and vacuuming the floor has become less than an hourly or daily chore. My cleanliness obsession has begun to take a reality check as chasing three kids around doesn’t accomplish this task. Picking what really matters on a daily basis has become the new normal for me. Realizing it’s almost impossible to get anywhere early but roughly right on time or 5 minutes late; I’ve got this down to a science.


Realizing my life has taken a turn of utter chaos not all good and not all bad, has brought to my attention as I can’t believe this year has already brought us to the 5th month of 2014. I feel like we just got through the holidays and found out my mother-in-law was sick. Here we are in May and my son is almost 2 years old. Wondering where the time went and where it continues to still go baffles me beyond belief. The only thing I can stop and do is be thankful for the day I am in. This hasn’t been an easy concept for me, but the older I get, the longer I am married, and the older my son gets makes me realize time only goes faster, not slower. I want to relish in the day I am currently in and find the blessings in the tough days I wish I could sleep away.

As my son reaches his second birthday and we just passed our second anniversary I can humbly say, I’ve learned a lot in 2 full years. This is no understatement. Those of you who know me, know the struggles our family has faced and have been there to love and care for us through the process. Knowing God is doing a mighty work is extremely encouraging even when the hardship seems to cloud the work God is doing. I heard it once said, “It takes failure to bring success!” This caught my attention and made me realize we would never grow if we didn’t face hard circumstances in life forcing uncomfortability. As much as I want the extraordinary life, it also requires trials to bring perseverance which brings about a deeper relationship with Christ. We can’t get there without learning along the way.

My goal is to bring glory to God and be a blessing to my family. I want the world to know there is a happiness and peace that comes from trials knowing God is holding my hand along the way. The world would like to keep us blind to real happiness and often they succeed. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane of life and allow petty things to dictate our accomplishments of the day. I know there are many times I lay my head to rest running down my mental checklist of what I got done and need to do the following day. These are not important tasks. After losing my mother-in-law, being reminded that all of her accomplishments in her career were nothing that lasted. They fall away but her soul remains. Nothing in her life that was career driven, self driven or for worldly pleasure went with her when she passed. The moment she took her last breath at 60 years old, none of that was important. Her soul, heart and mind is ALL that mattered.

Moment of Truth: What are you striving for in life? Is it worthwhile? Will it last for eternity or is it temporary? Strive to be more than this world has to offer.


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