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We all know trials and tribulations are to bring about perseverance which brings about faith, but what about the simple reality that in the midst of the trail you are pleading with Christ to change your circumstances. “Please remove me from the situation and lets move on with life.” Maybe there’s more that needs to be learned….

Sometimes I plead with the Lord to “PLEASE, please change my circumstances!” Frustration sets in due to my continual prayer and seeking the Lord for wisdom yet my trials still remain afloat. I can hold it together pretty well, but when things tend to fly off the handle, I can feel the anger build up within me. “Why God?”  as I beg for my devotion to begin to change the current mess I am in.

Realizing that God’s time frame is utterly different than mine, I have to remind myself why I beleive in God and His promises. Well– God’s promises never fail while mine often do. Looking back, God has always proven to be faithful. God has taught me many lessons in the midst of trial. God is there even in pain. God always provides a way out of sin. God wants the best for me and God loves me. When I repeat God’s promises, I can refocus my thoughts more positively. If I simply let the negative feelings reside, then I will continue to remain in the mess I am with no hope. I’ve found as I’ve gone through a lot of trials the past few years of life, that God can still bring hope and peace even when the situation remains the same or even gets worse.

Thought of the day1

This often resembles the moments I feel alone and afraid….lost in the desert with nowhere to turn. God’s path still lays straight ahead paving the way for hope.

That is faith in and of itself. Recognizing the things God is providing while in the midst of pain and agony; hope! I have heard it said many times and yet today for some reason, it was as if I heard it for the first time: When God does not change our circumstances, He is trying to change our heart.

How profound is that? It’s definitely not a new concept and often a piece of advice I give dear friends. Hmm, this must be God reminding me to practice what I preach! :) It was such perfect timing to hear this as I was once again reminded that God has not forgot about me when I often feel I am drowning.

Moment of Truth: Let Truth be your guide, not your mind! Truth often speaks entirely different than our own minds.

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