The Oregon Trail Ends Here

The Oregon Trail Ends Here

So unbeknownst to me, the end of the Oregon Trail ends literally in our backyard. Okay not quite but basically five minutes from our doorstep to the threshold of our historic east-west large wheeled wagon route and emigrant trail that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon. Or yet again, better known as our backyard. 


I decided since we frequent Home Depot on an all too regular basis and pass this historic site every time we go there, that it was about time we stopped and journeyed around.

It’s a small stationed wagon that symbolizes the blood, sweat and tears that came from this journey and finally ending in Oregon City, OR.


The rugged wood…


Monuments along the path…

IMG_6429A little history you may not know.
IMG_6434Luckily Cooper is still so young, picking rocks was definitely a sweet spot on our journey. 

This my friends was a long trek. 

I’m not sure Cooper would have sufficed on this trek, but then again it is a different day and age. We are blessed to be born in the era we are.


Admiring the large wheel!


Hot and tired…he definitely was flushed and needed a break…(phew)


Break time over, lets grab the toys and get going.

Our journey back to the car…

They did a good job at portraying the blood, sweat and tears. This monument is worth seeing only because we live in Oregon and deserve to give history a “thank you” for what they have done for us thus far.


Lets continue to make America a proud country by leaving a legacy worth dying for; nothing less.


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