The Merry-Go-Round of Life

The Merry-Go-Round of life. Shouldn’t this ride be slow and relaxing? Are we riding faster and faster begging for life to slow down a little? Is our patience being tested? Is our integrity failing? Is our lack of trust letting others down? Is our dishonesty destroying relationships?

This merry-go-round of life is never ending and we haven’t quite figure that out yet. It seems that every new twist and turn in the road we are looking for an escape rather than accepting the very day we have been given.

As I had previously mentioned about my patience fleeing my soul as if I became a ravenous dog out to destroy anything and everything in my site, I stumbled across this and found it to be entirely fitting…..WAIT!!! It was not fitting at all, it was convicting to the innermost part of my being. Reminding me why I exercise patience and why I am not running my own life.

I have a devotional that is beyond quick and helps convict you for the entire day with your 3 minutes of reading. :)

This is by Sarah Young, April 16:

I am calling you to a life of thankfulness. I want all your moments to be punctuated with thanksgiving. The basis for your gratitude is My sovereignty. I am the Creator and Controller of the universe. Heaven and earth are filled with My glorious Presence.

When you criticize or complain, you are acting as if you think you could run the world better than I do. From your limited human perspective, it may look as if I’m mismanaging things. But you don’t know what I know or see what I see. If I pulled back the curtain to allow you to view heavenly realms, you would understand much more. However, I have designed you tolive by faith, not by sight. I lovingly shield you from knowing the future of seeing into the spirit world. Acknowledge My sovereignty by giving thanks in all circumstances.

Boy was this a mind, body and soul experience to remember to give thanks in all circumstances and that I often act as though I could run the world better than the God that created me! Who am I to think such things and exercise a power that I clearly do not have?

This helped put me back in place remembering I need not say the things I want to say from my flesh. But give thanks when my son is testing my patience for the very reason that I have a son to test my patience. Being thankful in the little things help bring clarity when bigger things arise.

I am thankful for the very fact that I cannot see the future as I would probably be more scared than excited. I would base my every move off what the future would bring rather than living in the moment and allowing my faith to grow and my focus to remain on the Lord. This is the merry-go-round of life. It continually happens and constantly tests my limits.

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Thanks to

Moment of Truth: I learned through a simple reminder that I am powerless but have a God who is all Powerful! My faith is not in the patience I lack throughout the day, but in God who has given me a desire to exercise patience for the sake of Him to bless my family.

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