The Juice Detox Begins…

Ten days of juicing has officially begun…my husband has decided to take a detox including only fruits and vegetables. Seeing as he is doing this and I am the cook around here, I kind of began the detox as well since that’s what is being eaten and I am his biggest supporter. I don’t want to be mean and cook tasty treats while he’s around. And naturally having a lot of fruit in the house, that’s what I gravitate to. I wasn’t necessarily desiring to do this detox but I pretty much stick to it besides breaking the detox at lunch for some carbs in a sandwich or with eggs and toast. I feed Cooper his usual meals but we all drink the shakes and come dinner we all eat veggies and fruit in some fashion or another.

Drinking smoothies and eating vegetables as well as cooking them and eating them raw seems to get old. You can only make them taste so different without using seasonings that include sodium. The shakes are the best flavor and tend to fill us up pretty well. Although when you cut everything out of your diet that quickly, you begin cravings pretty instantaneously and not only are you cravings a juicy steak but the unhealthy fatty fast food burgers and fries. Trying to fight those temptations while you are eating sautéed Brussels sprouts and mushrooms is not an easy task.



So today I set out to find something tasty for dinner tonight and succeeded. I decided to make homemade black beans for a bean burrito bowl minus the tortilla. Yay for something more filling and not just a typical bowl of sautéed veggies.

We are currently on day three….it’s progressing but there are seven days remaining. How will my husband handle the next few days? Will he cheat on his detox now that the weekend has come? Stay tuned and see what happens….

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