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Falling Short

Falling Short

Falling short often means humility, embarrassment and failure. But there is so much more to it than that. Falling short is due to human expectations whether it be your own or someone else’s. But the truth lies in our short comings often bring us to Christ and back to keeping our eyes fixed on Him rather than ourselves.

I find myself often contemplating my days end with a negative connotation. Replaying the things I did or did not do with my son. How I treated my husband whether in love or selfishness. Feeling deep guilt of failure when I realized tonight I can’t think on the negative but on how to prepare for the following day. We speak words of life or death all day long whether to friends or family. Our words tear down souls or build them up.

Do you ever have those moments where you act as a fool, not paying attention to something? Letting something slide that typically wouldn’t fly in your household? Becoming more of the “world” than of Christ.

This morning has been a battle in every sense of the word. A spiritual battle that has landed upon our household for the past week. A battle that if I am honest, I do not want to fight. I am worn, exhausted, emotionally and mentally spent. I want to crawl into bed and pray that God just lifts this battle and allows me to move on from here.

Unfortunately we are placed in the battle to fight the fight and not escape. Though escaping often feels easier, it’s harder in the long run. It’s tiring and we often do not learn what we should learn if we fought the battle head strong.

This morning started off on the wrong foot. Everything that could possibly go wrong in the past two hours I’ve been awake, has happened. I partake in Facebook parties and host them for people throughout the states to gain awareness of Jamberry Nails. This is something I enjoy and it allows me to meet people from all over. In doing so, I was realizing several days ago that most the parties I have thrown have been with fellow sisters in Christ. I’ve been thankful as in the midst of this being fun for me, I have been encouraged by them in more ways than one.

To see women all across the states share a deep love of Christ while having an online party has been a beautiful thing to see.

While this morning was the same thing on top of everything going wrong, I am throwing parties left and right. While I completely got distracted from the real meaning and purpose of my life for a moment, I was determined to help make my business more successful. In that very moment, I posted something crud and unworthy of notating. In my defense- though I shouldn’t even defend myself, I did not read the caption in the picture prior to posting. Immediately, I get a personal message politely asking me to remove the photo. I got thoroughly embarrassed and defensive to myself that I would never post something inappropriate. I promptly remove the picture and go back to reread the caption and immediately plagued with “oh my goodness, I can’t believe it. Wow, seriously Tiffany” All these feelings and emotions flood over my soul and bring me to tears. Though I have been crying all morning, this moment brought me right back to a humbled position at the foot of the Cross.

God always allows thing to happen for a reason. Nothing falls through the hands of Christ without His approval. My embarrassment brought me back to a place of realizing my business will not be successful on my own. My goal is to have fun and be a Light to those around me. God quickly reminded me that my
business” should not be my focus right now. My focus must remain my family.

While sitting here in my chair, starring at the bright light from the computer I realized God brought this woman in my life at that very moment to encourage me. I needed encouragement. that moment this morning was not for me to encourage others but to accept encouragement from a woman who I’ve never met but shares the same love of Christ with me. And that’s all that matters. Our eternal position is what draws her and I together and what a beautiful scene that is when two people who do not know one another can speak words of encouragement that comes from our Lord and Savior. Amazing!

Here’s the truth in this situation. God is faithful no matter what we are involved in. If we choose to let Christ reign in our lives, we will be glorifying Him in the littlest of things. My business I have been doing as an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails has been really fun for me but even in work, God must be glorified. My perspective was on myself and my circumstances this morning and God humbly brought me back to a place of humility and also used this woman to encourage me. God knew exactly what I needed this morning. We all need to have a teachable heart and allow the Lord to work in ways we could never predict.


God is faithful in bringing the right people in the right time. People I never would have expected I consider a dear friend.

This little boy also brings me back to reality. His innocence, his view of the world is so tiny and naive that I long to embrace the spirit of living each day for the simplest things. Nothing else matters to a two year old. He’s a wonderful reminder to let the little things go and keep my eyes on Christ!

Thank you Jesus!

Funeral Service

The emotional roller coaster hit the tippy-top yesterday when we went to the funeral for my mother-in-law. The emotions filled our eyes as we were at the gravesite burying her ashes. The mixed emotion of laying ashes underground is always perplexing to my soul. I understand our souls live on but the concept of burying a loved one in the earth is a weird concept to me.

This was a very emotional beginning of the day for my husband. As we proceeded on to the memorial service at our church, I was beyond grateful for the women who put it all together. Their gracious hands helped make the room look incredible and the food taste delectable. It is a blessing to truly have a church step up and be the body of Christ as we are supposed to be. This was a true testament to our faith and church!

My husband was filled with sadness as we observed the photos and displays all around the room while they prepped the slideshow and music before the service started. It was a reality check to have my husband burry his mother and realize his estranged parents are no longer with us. This past month has brought years of history to surface and questions longing to be answered that no longer will hold an answer. The confusion, anger, hurt and sadness fills his broken soul.

Before the service began, we met an incredible amount of family that we never knew existed let alone lived in our backyard. They are all incredibly nice but what does it all mean? What relationships will form, if any? Are they willing to reach out and be there as family should? Why hadn’t they in the past? The questions fill our minds as the overwhelming meet-and-greet took place. The service itself was well done and emotional. The hard part for us as the new comers, is the fact that her career was the most important thing to her. My husband longed for a piece of that importance. Longed to know her as her co-workers did and longed for her to be his mother for years prior. This longing and desire is no longer able to be met. The hardship of hearing the stories sunk to the pit of our tummies as colleague upon colleague shared stories.

The bad comes with the good. We had three months of really good conversations and getting to know one another on a deeper level, but three months compared to a life time is a blink of an eye. The past 35 years flashed before my husbands eyes posing a lot of pain and heartache that he is left to figure out. This has been a complex puzzle for him and we long to finish it so our kids do not have to travel the same path. Breaking generational sin, hurt and abandonment is our utmost desire.

Although we are incredibly grateful for the three months, it’s been anything but easy. Praying for a difference and healing in my husband is the deepest desire for me as his wife. Knowing I can do absolutely nothing but pray for him is a difficult task but a refreshing task. God has it under control and it’s not my control!


As the days proceed, I hope healing comes and I hope relationships continue. We will see what lies ahead and hope the Lord brings grace upon is as this past three months and more so the past month has been utterly exhausting.

Moment of Truth: I’m learning to grasp the reality of “now” rather than past and future. Holding to what is current and rolling with the punches will help calm the storm we’ve entered and are hoping to be exiting now. As the days progress and my husband deals with the new “normal,” I pray I have the words and wisdom to provide when necessary.



Just when I think I’ve lost every drop of grace I have inside me and want to give up and move on, a song comes on in the background: 7×70 times by Chris August. If you haven’t heard it, then you must listen to it.


Although my night and many of them did not go as planned, I feel like this was the straw that broke the camels back. Not quite sure how to handle the situation I’ve just encountered but knowing it’s anything but good. I decided to ignore it in hopes that I wont have to deal with it anymore this evening. While in the kitchen making my husbands lunch this song came on and in mid thought interrupted me. “What am I supposed to do? The situation isn’t good, but that doesn’t mean I can’t forgive but it also doesn’t mean I keep continuing to be trampled on. So how Lord do I stop and forgive and where do I go from here?” The questions filled my mind while trying to concentrate on lunch making. “Forgive? How Lord?” I am trying to rationalize my thoughts, “How do you not forgive, I’ve forgiven you and all my children even when they continue down destructive paths, you must forgive and I will show you how.” This is what I hear as I am filling up with anger now that I’ve allowed myself to actually think through some of the facts. Okay, if the Lord is asking me to forgive than I must exercise this and allow the Lord to help me forgive. My anger must subside!

Thanks to uppercasewoman.com

Thanks to uppercasewoman.com

I’ve had the conversation many times with my husband that when you dwell on the negative it breeds a negative attitude and now is my opportunity to take my own advice. My routine when I become angry and feel justified is to pray for wisdom. Ask the Lord for the next hour to speak through my words or actions. Then I ask for grace; giving me grace to see the positive through the negative circumstances. Friends, this works! I am living proof of it. My perspective has change 180 degrees only by taking these small steps and my response has had a greater impact. Do not be fooled, it is not easy what-so-ever but it takes discipline and exercising faith to want to change bad habits. If you desire something enough, you will strive for that success.

Now forgiving doesn’t always mean staying in the same circumstances. The line needs to be drawn depending on each individual situation. I wasn’t asking to encounter this situation nor will I ever again. Forgiving can still occur even when tolerance doesn’t. My tolerance level is 100% depleted. When this song came on 7×70 times, I was struck by the simple fact that it doesn’t matter the circumstances, you simply forgive. We begin basing our forgiveness on selfish gain, how many times have you been wronged, how many times have you deserved better than that, how many times? How many times? How many times? These are selfish questions that bring about a negative, deserving attitude; the proper question needs to come from the Lord; “help me Lord to forgive with your grace and without expectations?”

By changing our thoughts and perspective we can begin to take those small steps to genuine love and forgiveness EVEN when others don’t deserve it.

I think it’s so important to address this issue as forgiveness is a daily battle and sometimes an hourly battle. Those of you with kids, spouses, and rocky family relationships or friendships all understand that this becomes a choice. If you don’t choose forgiveness your anger and resentment will turn your heart to stone. Strive to become the person people enjoy being around rather then wishing you away because you are emotionally draining!


Moment of Truth: Sometimes we walk paths that are unexpected and continue to throw road blocks at us. We have the choice to continue to walk or stop and allow these road blocks to hinder any further growth. Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose extraordinary and seek forgiveness no matter the cost! Choose abundant life no matter if you choose it alone! God is here to help, BUT you must ask and wait.

What Does it Mean to be Held

Today is Easter! Happy Easter everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the fact that Christ Died so that we could have hope for a future; a future of perfection! Please embrace the meaning of Easter and enjoy some good food with your families.

My thoughts today couldn’t have come at a better time due to the season of Christ’s resurrection!

Thanks to alisina.org

Thanks to alisina.org

Losing a child is never an easy thought let alone a reality. I can’t proclaim to understand the pain parents feel when they are clinging to their child helpless as ever. I felt a small amount of this when we took my son to the hospital recently begging the Lord to “Please!! Please, keep my son alive!!” My heart felt a pain I never wish upon any parent as they travel the road of uncertainty while doctors try and figure out what is so terribly wrong with them. The monitors screaming in your ears, the labored breathing and the helpless cry begging for you, as their parent, to save them.

I experienced enough of this tragedy to pray and plead with the Lord that I outlive my children and that they come to know Him as Savior. Please be gracious to me Oh Heavenly Father and let my children live a long, healthy, blessed life.

Knowing the sad reality that I know people in my life who have lost children and my husband being the lost child of his father. His grandparents never forgave the Lord for taking their son away. The bitterness and anger that sets in is, understandable. But the lack of dealing with the problem is inexcusable.

The song “Held” by Natalie Grant came on the radio as I was driving home from a lunch date with a dear friend of mine. This song brought me to tears as I thought about the life of losing a child. I felt a deep need to share this with you all as we all suffer immense tragedy in our every day lives yet strive for normalcy. It seems as I heard this song my mind flashed through literally everyone I know as they are all suffering deep pain longing to be ‘held.’

These were my thoughts on a precious friend who experienced deep pain in losing their loved one.

“I write to you as you are being held in the arms of Jesus; sweet precious baby. You are missed by everyone who knew of you. Just one year ago you went to heaven to be with Jesus. Your mommy and daddy are going through the motions of life trying to find answers, missing you, and longing to see you one day! The longing to watch you sleep while your fingers curled around mommy’s, grasping ever so tightly. Hearing your little giggle flow from your mouth, watching you take your very first steps and wave “bye-bye” for the first time is now but a dream. Your tiny little fingers, your precious button nose, your little eyelashes that curled so perfectly are currently in perfection with our Savior Jesus Christ. You were perfect and made into complete perfection the day you met Jesus.”

The question came to mind today what does it mean to be held in the midst of pain and trials of this world? “To think that providence would take a child from it’s mother while she prays, is appalling.” The unfortunate thing is that when the fall of man occurred Christ never promised life would be easy but that He would hold us when terrible tragedy hit. We survive the pain only to realize we are loved by Christ and that’s all that really matters.

“This hand is bitterness, we want to taste it” is exactly what happened to Eve in the Garden of Eden but more importantly what happens to us everyday. We seek the pleasures and answers of this world more than we seek the face of Christ. We often hold our children and spouses above the love of Christ and come tragedy, realize the depth of our need for a Savior. When God doesn’t answer our prayers we think we are doing something terribly wrong. “Are you praying incorrectly? Are your desires not God’s desires? What could I have done differently?” All these questions swarm your mind leaving you with doubt. These questions do not need answering, God simply wants your heart and love for Him and peace will follow. I said peace will follow! That doesn’t mean sadness will be taken away, tragedy is apart of life and in the midst of tears you can grasp the peace of Christ to only have a confidence that wouldn’t come if you were not a child of God. God’s way is not our way, and we tend to lose sight of that. It doesn’t mean He wont bring healing and blessings upon you, but it will probably look entirely different than you had imagined. More often than not, this reigns true over my life; it’s never how I envisioned.

There is a WHOLE spiritual realm taking place as we speak. We often forget about this when in reality this unseen battle is fighting for your very life. There are angels fighting the very demons that are out to destroy you and kill you. The bible tells us he is out to seek, kill and destroy and that is exactly what he is doing! BUT remember in the midst of tragedy God promises nothing touches your life without passing through the hands of the Father. God is allowing your life to play out exactly how he sees fit. There needs to be a confidence within that. He knows what is best for you.

Though we can’t understand why certain things happen to people, we can have confidence that trials and tribulations come in every sense of the word and do hit everybody. As much as this seems discouraging we know our hearts are being made more like Christ; transforming us into perfection. Something we can’t obtain without Him. If you are a follower of Christ, you will face trials of many kinds because Satan absolutely hates that you believe and seek after our loving Father. Our very thoughts need to be on Christ and not ourselves while asking the hundreds of questions and guilt that plague our every move. Sometimes there are no answers and all we can do is sit in the arms of Jesus and cry.

Moment of Truth: He is right here holding you! Are you receiving His love knowing one day there will be justice? Fight the battle, and fight it well.

The angels are fighting! Praise Jesus!

Please Walk Softly

Hello everyone it’s Michael again. I read this while at the hospice care facility and I want to write it out for all the readers of this post because it’s so powerful that you will want to read it over and over again like I did:


Walk softly…

Speak softly…

For here is holy ground.

Your sisters, your brothers.

Your fathers, your mothers.

Your daughters, your sons,

Come here to heal.

Though some call it dying…..

Their families, their friends, and

Those who are blessed to serve here

They too, come here to heal

Though some call it crying …..

All are welcome here.

And those who seek comfort

And those who seek to comfort

Those who seek peace

And those who seek to make peace

Those who seek understanding

And those who seek to offer understanding

Many have left this world

And left their bodies here.

Many have felt pain and anguish

And left their sorrow here.

Many have felt fear…

Many have felt love…

Many have felt bereft and abandoned…

Many have felt held, seen and understood.

All these and more are here.

If you listen quietly

If you listen long enough

You will hear the silence that is here.

The silence that follows your every out-breath.

Before your next in-breath:

The silence which was before you began to breathe

And the silence which will be after your breathing ceases.

This is the silence between your thoughts,

And the silence that speaks through your eyes.

It is the silence of your loving touch.

And the silence of your falling tears.

It is the silence which holds us all, always:

The silence from which we come.

And the silence to which we return.

This silence is quite loud here.

You cannot miss it,

If you will but listen.

Many listen to silence here.

So please,

Walk softly….

Speak softly….

For here is holy ground…

From: John D, Rose

What Mr. Rose wrote makes a person speechless….

Raw Emotions

Many of you know my mother-in-law passed away this last Monday evening. My husband has had quite the journey with her the past three months and decided to be a guest speaker for me while she share the feelings and emotions through losing a loved one. Not only losing a loved one, but someone who was young and a mother, wife, sister, grandma and someone who had years left to live.

My husband is taking this journey with us and sharing the last two weeks of what he has gone through. Please welcome my dear husband Michael!

I am sitting here with the craziest of emotions. Up then down, down then up. I cried and cried and cried yesterday, thinking that my mother was on the cusp of dying within a few hours. I drove home from work to pick Tiffany and Cooper up to head to the pain management care facility for hospice, dreading what we would encounter; a lifeless person without saying goodbye. Lucky for us, she was still with us and without all the pain she had been enduring for days. She was completely sedated and convulsing as we weren’t sure if she was going to make it through another night, let alone hear what we had to say. I finally went into the room and sat down and just sobbed for minutes, telling her I was so sorry for what she is going through, telling her that it’s okay to let go and that there is something better for her outside of her earthy body. I also had a chance to speak with her without any filter and through raw emotion on what thirty year five years of my life meant to me and how she has been a part of it and how she shaped me into who I am today. Although she didn’t know it, she had shaped me in many ways even throughout the past 27 years we hadn’t spoke. I know there has been a couple years of bad history between her and I when she reconnected with me, but through all the pain, I wanted to let her know that I forgave her and that I loved her very much and appreciated the life that she provided me.


Her poor body has been taken over by cancer. She looks ENTIRELY different now than before cancer took over. This shows you how deadly it truly is. :(

What I have today is simply because she gave me life. As of more recent, I have come to a point in understanding what love truly means. I guess I never showed it nor truly spoke love to my mother when we reconnected 5 years ago because as of that night while she laid helpless in the hospital bed with machines connected all over her poor body, she whispered in my ear “I thought you said I am a terrible person.” One of the only things she said to me while her body was shutting down. What a shockwave to think that’s the way she believes I feel about her. Sure I have had my anger outbursts with her, sent abrasive emails and had terrible phone calls. Yes, all out of hurt and anger for so many things that have happened to me over the years. My selfish being got the best of me to the point that I couldn’t see anything further than my hurt and my pain that I have endured. I never chose to see that she had made peace with everything in her life and that there was nothing else she could do after all these years. I finally came to the realization a few weeks ago after an email response she sent me explaining and apologizing for her role in what had happened to me; that she was truly sorry. I heard those words she whispered to me yesterday and realized that she still thought I had this chip on my shoulder towards her and what has transpired, yet I felt quite the opposite about her and the past. It’s done…. She has gone through enough in her life and has earned the respect of everyone she now encounters. She deserves the peace and happiness that we all seek in life, the unfortunate thing for me, is that it took her dying to realize what that meant and why each one of us are a blessing and can do so much for one another. It’s a breath of fresh air, it’s that feeling you have towards your loved ones and it’s your life itself. She needs to know my love for her and respect for her apart from the mistakes we ALL make in life. We need to step back for a moment and reflect on times like these and simply be thankful for one another because that’s all we have; one another. In a quick blink of an eye, you may never have that opportunity again, live your life to the fullest, loving and caring for the relationships that surround you.

If anything, her death has and will continue to change my life and change me for the good. If I don’t let this happen, I am simply taking her name in vein. We must step up and do something with the relationships that surround us for them to mean anything. Don’t waste your life.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a poem that struck me to the core while at hospice watching my mother helpless in bed. A poem that meant so much to me and taught me how to slow down. Soak in the moment that we have without all the questions and “what ifs.” Please join me again tomorrow as I continue to share a little bit about what I am learning through the death of my second parent. It’s a journey alright, and one I am willing to share!

Life is Short

8 weeks ago I met my mother-in-law for the first time. My husband has had no contact with her for roughly 27 years and little did we know that she lived less than a mile away from his previous work location. Through the no communication there has been a lot of emotion and pain that has had to be addressed for my husband. As the years have past he hasn’t actually had to fully deal with it…until now. Back in January my husband received an email from her stating that she has been very ill and doctors informed her she has only 6-9 months left to live. This shocking news struck my husband to the core. He was speechless, lifeless and full of emotion. Immediately responding to her email we headed out to visit her that following weekend.

She had been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer that had been so aggressive it has taken over her entire body. Through this tragedy, we have been getting together with her and her husband for the past 8 weeks allowing Cooper to put smiles on the everyone’s face in the midst of the heartache.

This past Sunday we were headed out for our weekly visit but as we hadn’t heard back from her in a week, we decided something must be wrong. We emailed, called and emailed over and over hoping to let down the anxiety of “what ifs” we held in the pits of our tummies. My parent’s came down specifically to meet her and be a support to my husband in the midst of this heartache. As we pulled up to the house our conversations fizzled instantaneously as we all process an ambulance sitting in the driveway. Immediate fear plagued my husband and I as we slowly approached the doorway where a stretcher sat. We quietly walk in hoping for the scenario to be better than our fear.

Life is short1

There stood 3 gentleman speaking to Marlin, Cathy’s husband while he looked white as a ghost trying to hold his bearings together. Cathy sat in her chair beyond exhausted, breathless and full of pain. That morning she had collapsed to the ground hoping it was from the medication but would not know anything further until she was under surveillance at the hospital. She spoke with us but definitely was so tired and struggling to get many words out. We hugged and kissed her goodbye as they drove off to the hospital.

Little Cooper terrorizing the backseat of our car while my parents tried to entertain him finally came to an end. My parents brought him in and met Marlin. He explained the condition and how the previous week had panned out. We hoped for the best knowing that the ultimate result still remained the same which none of us wanted to address.

24 hours passes and we receive a phone call from Marlin last night giving us our official update. We find out she is progressively getting worse and what happened earlier this week was due to her cancer taking over. My husbands face turned white while the fear plagued his body unsure what words to form next. How do you continue a conversation that has an end result of utter sadness and loss? Both a son and a husband exchanging words about a woman they are about to lose. Watching this play out while I prepared dinner and distracted Cooper was very difficult but knowing I need to be the strong one for the night, I did my best to accomplish this task.

The reality of life is a sad reality. We all come into this world as a helpless babe, while at the end of our life for the most part, brings us full circle back to that same position; a helpless babe! How does one process this reality? Where is the hope for those left behind? The many questions and utter sadness fills the room longing for it to simply be “okay.” Knowing at some point it will be okay, it is still a new normal that will be forced to take place.

My prayer is for those who are left behind is to see the Lord working “all things together for good.” Knowing her fate and feeling confident that the Lord has rescued her and she has a hope to look forward to; perfection with Jesus! The condition of our souls needs to be re-evaluated as we face the reality of death and although most of us want to pretend it doesn’t exist until absolutely necessary, it is a topic that makes people squirm but it’s a good thing to think through asking yourself if this was your last day, do you know where you are going?

Moment of Truth: Life is a challenge in and of itself. Do you live in fear or walk in confidence knowing your life could end at any moment and where your fate lies? Hold tightly to the truth of why we are alive and here on this earth, one purpose; glorify God.

Forgiveness Breeds Bitterness


The weight of this word is immensely draining, powerful and liberating. Each of us are in one of these categories. Forgiving to some people may force you to believe that what that person has done to you has now been excused and justified because you took the step to forgive. It seems almost impossible to forgive when they have destroyed you to the core. Unforgiving hearts hold rage and bitterness that grabs ahold of your heartstrings convincing you that they deserve to be treated poorly now that they have wronged you. Ask yourself this: what power does this hold over your life by not forgiving them?  Maybe pride, arrogance, control, or selfishness? Really you’ve gained nothing but a bitter heart.

For others, maybe forgiving comes really easy to you. You understand we all make mistakes, we let others down from time to time and we all need forgiveness to help move ahead in life

And for the remainder of you, you may be somewhere in between.  Feeling you are a forgiving person only to realize days, months and years later you never really dealt with it and truly forgave them. Now you find it comes up in ways you never expected, leaving you angry that years have passed by and you really haven’t moved ahead.

I’ve seen bitterness take root in a few people and the depths of the anger has been extremely astonishing to me how deep the bitterness resides within them. It’s scary to me how much blame is poured on those around them unwilling to accept responsibility for ones own actions truly believing that they are entirely innocent. Unforgiving hearts lead to immense anger and blame and at that point it gets scary!

Forgiveness is very challenging and can vary depending on the depth in which you’ve been wronged.  You know, Christ was the ultimate sacrifice; forgiving the very men who spat on Him, beat Him, tantalized Him,  and even crucified Him. After reminding yourself of this, how than can you justify not forgiving your enemy?  Forgiving does NOT mean they haven’t sinned against you or that they are right in their actions and are free to continue to treat you poorly. Forgiveness must come from Christ allowing him to heal your heart of the pain that comes with it and without expecting something in return. You are NOT responsible for them or for their actions, you must forgive to continue to grow your own heart and walk with Christ free of guilt and shame, free of bitterness and anger.

Thanks to thiskalidescopeheartofmine.com

Thanks to thiskaleidescopeheartofmine.com

Moment of Truth: Who have you not forgiven that you know needs your forgiveness? If you are struggling with the pain from this person, seek the Lord and ask for help to forgive them without holding expectations that they will become someone different; someone who treats you properly. Ask for guidance to become the person God has created you to be without holding a grudge on your loving enemies.

Thought of the day

I heard it once said: If you are running away from something in your life you will be running even more when you get to your eternity.

Which running are you doing; running with good or running with evil? What running do you want to be doing when you hit eternity? Run to the Lord and you won’t have to worry about your eternity. Don’t allow all the opportunities to pass you by for your own pleasure. Flee from evil. If you’re living in the midst of the muck and the mire it is NOT too late to run for the right things; things that make you happy, peaceful, and ultimately leads you to perfection with Christ one day.  Your second chances are running out, Lord willing I pray I see you all in eternity in our pure, perfect heaven with Christ.

Thanks to bridgerun.com

Thanks to bridgerun.com