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“Gain” A Beautiful Smell

“Gain” A Beautiful Smell

Every time I go and visit my parents up in Washington, I always leave their house with the best smelling laundry. You may think I’m crazy but truth be told, I enjoy doing our laundry up there as I know there is a guarantee of freshness to be had in our suitcase upon arriving home in Oregon.

With a brand new front loader washing machine, I couldn’t figure out why our clothes simply were not smelling fresh, let alone clean. It was beyond me. I was making our own laundry detergent and opted to take a break as I thought this was our culprit. As I bought the most expensive brand on the market, Tide, I was still utterly unsatisfied. I was using laundry softener and still had no success.

My husband works out all the time and sweats like crazy. It’s pretty gross and I will save you the pain of too many details other than he smells like a sewer rat when he’s done. Sick! I love him dearly, but wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole after workouts. It’s almost as if a rat died after walking around in cow dung for days.

Okay, I said I would spare you the pain and I think you get my drift that the odder is very prominent and unwelcomed.

One afternoon I called my mom desperate for some help. I’m not sure if she really helped me as her answer to my question was no good. I asked what detergent she uses and she replied “whatever is on sale.” I immediately countered her response because if that were true, her laundry would not always remain consistently smelling delicious. We proceeded to go around and around in circles with very little information for me to grasp onto other than: “Buy what’s on sale and do not buy tide. It is a waste of money.”

Her comments were helpful but on the other hand they weren’t. I wanted exact information, brand, scent, size, etc. She said she sometimes buys Arm & Hammer, Gain, Purex so on and so forth and she said it so lackadaisical. So with that in mind, I immediately returned Tide since that was my detergent of choice earlier that day. My reasoning was simple: Go big or go home. $20 later I returned Tide to purchase Gain.


I tried Gain for no other reason except out of all the detergents my mother listed, this is one I had yet to try. Racing home to test the clothes saturated in sweat, I was thrilled upon my discovery. It worked, it really worked. The moment I pulled the clothes out of the drier, my nose was filled with such a refreshing scent. No more sewer rat, no more cow dung. It was a beautiful moment I about wept over the pile laying within my arms. I held my embrace for minutes as I sat overjoyed by this wonderful discovery. It was priceless.

Thankfully I shed no tears over the clean, bountiful, fresh scent. But this my friends was the cure. The cure to our devastation. The cure to the wretched smell that clung so tightly. This was the cure; GAIN. I will shout it from the roof tops. My husbands scent officially removed (well, the bad scent at least).

download (1)

Thank you to: crazy-frankenstein.com

Moment of Truth: If you are having a rough time with your clothes, please consider Gain and Downy Original scent fabric softener. These two combined were the end all be all to our troubles.

DIY- 60 Reasons Of Love

A couple months ago we celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday. I am still shocked that he is 60 and has all his children grown, married and with families. He is a wonderful Papa to every grandchild and loves them and protects them just as he did his own three daughters.

For my dad’s 60th, I wanted to do something extra special as I have always looked up to my dad in many facets. He’s been the utmost example of Christ in a family and how to walk with Him and seek Him above all else. He has taught me what true love should look like and lives that out on a daily basis with his wife and children.

I decided a book would be meaningful and worth the time to display his love on 60 different pages. I purchased this book as it is leather bound and is transportable. He can be reminded of the deep riches God has gifted him within every page of this book. Whether kept at his bedside, in his truck, on the coffee table or on his desk, he can carry it with him.

photo 1

I must be honest here, the easiest part of the book was writing down the 60 reasons of love. My dad has been an example to many people and continues to live a humble life. 60 reasons was extremely simple but the challenging part was my lack of creativity. I’m not the most creative person nor did I realize the amount of work to “create” sixty different ideas and display them on a page. Definitely not the easiest but I did conquer the task. So– there is hope. If you are not creative like me, you can still make this project a success. If you are creative you will blow my project out of the water. :)

First, pick a theme. I wanted to base the book off of my dad’s love for Christ and how he displays that in all facets of his life. I began the sixty reasons with a cross to display God’s love for us and laying His life down for His children.

photo 1This picture was taken on my wedding day.

My dad loves and accepts his children with only a deep love God has blessed him with, and he continually displays that love with each of us; I am blessed. 

photo 5

My father loves and accepts EACH son-in-law as if they were his own. He truly loves them and accepts them no matter what and has displayed this in numerous situations.

photo 3

He loves each grandchild with a sweet love only a papa could have. He exemplifies this in every interaction with sweet tender care. His grandchildren look up to him and admire him.

photo 2

Finances have never got in the way with this man. No matter the age or situation his children are in, he is there to help no matter the cost and no matter the hardship.

He has always been a provider.

photo 2

He was always there to support my dreams and help me succeed with finding my purpose in this life.

photo 5

What an example of unconditional love. 37 years of marriage, three children and happier than ever with his family. Life may not be easy, but boy does loving your family make all the difference in the world.

photo 1

Lastly, my dad taught me to walk with Jesus. All growing up my dad would put notes on the counter in our bathroom when he would head off to work. Whatever the note held, he always ended it with: “walk with Jesus.” This was something that carried with each of his daughters as he continued to live this out himself.

Our family theme: Walk With Jesus.

By doing so, not only does the memory reside with each daughter, but Christ love also resides while we each walk our own journey with Christ.


Thank you dad for being an example of love; true love. I appreciate you more than anything and thank you for teaching me life’s deepest lessons; how to walk with Jesus. 

Once I accomplished my 60 pages and gifted this to him, he was blessed. He is a humble man who deserves to hear what the world sees in him. He is a living example of Christ.

This project was a gift for me as well, realizing how blessed I am with a father who put Christ above all else knowing this world will soon pass away and nothing else will matter.

Make your gift meaningful and show someone what they mean to you.

Wardrobe Update

From exciting to dull… I have been going through my closet on a ‘what not to wear’ basis. My husband had mentioned that I have so many clothes and don’t wear half of them. Emphasizing the “so many clothes” part, as my husband is a true man with style but does NOT understand a woman and their deep obsession with clothing.

If you have yet to read the initial post about my wardrobe, click here.

So it all began 39 days ago. I have been going 39 days strong…until last weekend where I began contemplating tossing the remainder of my clothes because I simply don’t care for them. “Are they in style” “Do they still fit me” “I don’t like the way this shirt lays” “This one has the wrong color swatch for the days mood” so on and so forth. I could make every excuse in the book and then some. I truly did not like anything in hanging in there. So, I decided it was time to go for a swim and avoid the topic all together. Okay, so maybe I didn’t actually go swimming, but that was a good thought that may take place next time I have this same conversation with myself while looking at my rugged old wardrobe.


Thanks to theartofsimple.net

So, as promised, I took the vow to wear all of my shirts (weather appropriate) before wearing a top for the second time. If I do not wear it, I will toss it. I’ve only tossed two thus far and have donated two with tags still on to my mom and sister. I enjoyed my outfit today and have thought to myself many times throughout the past 39 days, why I haven’t worn a few shirts more often. Eh, my husband may be right…

The truth hurts my friends. Going through your closet can be refreshing and some shirts are very exciting to wear again. My husband was right, I have many shirts that I barely wear, and all for no good reason.

I will update once I reach the end of the line in the closet and let you all know whether I tossed them, wore them or gave in and quit this dumb ol’ bet.

Tractor Cake


My sick little baby trying to have a good birthday! :(

My son had his birthday a couple weeks ago and as you all know, we headed to the beach to have our trip be quickly interrupted with an ER visit. Although, the first couple days were great, the last two were horrible. I state that very matter-of-fact as they were legitimately horrible.

For my sons first birthday, I didn’t get the pleasure of making his cake as we had moved 1 week prior and we were hosting dinner at our house. I also had planned a friend birthday party the following day at the zoo with lunch and cake. I had very little time to do much more than that. So, this year I was adamant that I would make my son a cake he would love; tractors!!!

I used two bread pans and baked the cake and manipulated the cake in more ways than one to turn it into a tractor. It was pretty challenging to say the least, but it worked out. I will also state that this is the first time I’ve ever made a cake into something other than a circular pretty cake. Practice makes perfection– so I hope!

IMG_4807 IMG_4808
IMG_4811 IMG_4812I used Kit-Kats for the wheels and smoke stack. 


Moment of Truth: Manipulating a cake isn’t the easiest thing, especially for the first time. You make a mistake and you must keep going. Though there are many imperfections, I was thrilled to have it resemble a tractor that my son would be utterly happy about. :) The older he gets, the better I will become! :)

DIY Wooden Banners

My sisters came up with a great craft day last summer around the 4th of July when we came up to visit. They had already been working on them and wanted to invite me into the fun craft zone. While scrounging around in my dads wood pile one afternoon, my sister decided these random boards needed decorating and a place to call home. After finding many different shapes, sizes and types of wood, we brushed paint lightly on top of them and created our own touch to each piece for our home.


How to DIY:

You can use any scrap wood you find or go to home depot or a local lumber store and ask for some scraps they have laying around.

Once you have the boards you like, lightly brush craft paint across the board to create a weathered look to the wood.

Once dried, place stencils along the board aligning them how you prefer and tape slightly to hold the stencils in place.

Set aside and let dry!

Use a “twisty screw” as I prefer to call them, but better known as an eye-hook to hang with ribbon or to hold a nail.


Straight from my Mama’s house

Here are a few of our creations….


“Splash’in” in the hot tub room.


For the bedroom


Our guest room is green and purple


My sisters Laundry room


Our Office


Our laundry room is currently being remolded so I took the liberty to enjoy the sign outside today!

These are cheap and easy to make and can be used all throughout your house. You could purchase these at the store for $25-40 OR Do-It-Yourself for less than $5.

Little Dirty Secrets

There are many little hidden traps throughout your house that easily get neglected. As I chase three kids around the house and see a dust bunny here, crumbs there, laundry over yonder, I begin to realize some things simply need to be cleaned that are forgotten about for quite some time. Trying to keep the basics cleaned, you realize the deep cleaning is always sitting on the back burner.

dirty little secrets

Thanks to: 4littlefergusons.wordpress.com

Here is a list of those little traps that we overlook on a too regular basis:

  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Bathtub
  • Humidifier
  • Coffee Pot
  • Door handles/light switches
  • TV remotes
  • Computer mouse and keyboard

These all get used on a regular basis but how often do we take the time to clean them. Just as a dishwasher and washing machine clean our clothes or dishes, they need to be cleaned themselves. A load here and there doesn’t do the trick. Make sure you wipe around the edges of the dishwasher to remove any mold or mildew that builds up. On the inside place an Affresh cleaner to make your dishwasher sparkling clean again. Same goes for your washing machine, you need to clean it once a month as well to keep clothes smelling clean and not that sweaty, mildew smell as if you left your laundry sitting wet for too long. It can often be from lack of cleaning your washing machine.


Many of us have little kiddos running around needing a bath on a daily basis. Do you ever see the pink residue begin to form in your tub? That’s disgusting mildew that needs to be removed. Soap and water tend to reside in the bottom of the tub once you drain your bath. It sits there and builds up leaving a film all across the bottom, side and waistline of your tub.

bath tub

Humidifiers are often overlooked on a too frequent basis. I try and clean my humidifier once a month and still find mold. I will be purchasing a new humidifier as our current one isn’t easily accessible leaving certain spots with a mold residue that cannot be reached with a scrub brush. Making sure you clean them regularly and use a mold-be-gone for them as well. They have these in the isle where you by Vicks Vapor Steam.


Coffee pots- Though you may clean the actual pot where your coffee sits, don’t forget the back of the pot when you first fill it with water to brew your delicious coffee. Some coffee pots are clear in the back where you fill it up with water and others are not. I have had both and the clear ones help you spot mildew as it first starts to grow. Dark backs keep you blind to what is growing back there. Almost all coffee pots have a self clean button that alerts you when your pot needs to be cleaned, but my experience with the clear back is the self clean alert isn’t soon enough. Every couple of weeks you should run a pot of water and vinegar (equal parts) through your pot to help give a deep natural clean. Than simply wipe it down.

coffee pot

How often do you touch a door handle or light switch? Probably a hundred times a day give or take. How often do you clean your light switch or door handles? In our household I try and keep up on it, but it’s something that gets over looked too often. Germs get spread, dirty paws from my little man, sticky food, so on and so forth always get touched. Take a wash cloth with vinegar and water and wipe down really well. Or, if some of you don’t prefer the natural way, take Lysol or a preferred cleaner and walk around and clean every door handle and light switch.

door handle

Most of us probably have a TV remote, keyboard or mouse from the computer that gets touched on an ever so frequent basis. I know we do! This is a trap that gets no attention and breeds germs and dust. Take a moment to clean your household hidden treasures and wipe them clean.

tv remoteTake a minute to not only clean these hidden germs, but to take pride in your own and keep it clean!


Perfume Bargain Shopping

I LOVE perfume. If you saw my closet you would find multiple fragrances within. Most of them have been gifted to me, but there are the occasional scents I buy myself. I must confess the BEST place to purchase NAME BRAND fragrance is at TJ Maxx or Ross.

There is no difference between the fragrance other than simply saving money rather than purchasing the same perfume at Macy’s or Nordstrom at full cost.

Here are my top 4 perfumes:

Viva La Juicy    $92 at Macys 3.4 oz

Compared to     $39.99 at Ross 3.4 oz

Viva la juicy

Juicy Couture   $72 Macys 1.7 oz

Compared to      $34.99 Ross 1.7 oz

Juicy Couture

Versace            $89 3 oz

Compared to      $45 TJ Maxx 3 oz


Armani Mania   $78 Macys 3.4 oz

Compared to      $34.99 Ross 3.4 oz


Moment of Truth: Don’t buy full price when you don’t have to. It’s a waste of money and there is always a better deal out there. The only difference with Ross or TJ Maxx is you can’t smell the fragrance before purchase. So know what you are looking for in order to make your purchase inexpensive and well worth the dollar.

Carrot Ink

I ran out of printer ink this morning and was very disappointed as I have a few things that need printing. First, my printer is expensive to refill the cartridge and most places can’t refill them for me. I have to buy the cartridges brand new. Due to this, I hate buying ink because it seems to be a waste of money and something I’m constantly doing. Its the stupid task of remembering the ink ran out and I need to refill it. Its one of those lame errands you choose to avoid as long as humanly possible.

So, after much time hunting for the best deal, I found a website that I want to share with you all as they are 30-70% less than any other place. I found my cartridge on sale through their site for $8. This my friends is a steal. My printer holds 4 cartridges yes 4! That adds up within itself. I got free shipping and got my cartridge for $8. Can’t beat it!

Their shipping is fast and efficient.

The other benefit is they are a green service using remanufactured ink cartridges. Their motto “Print Green…With Carrot Ink”

Use the link below and see for yourself.


Thanks to re-inks.com

Thanks to re-inks.com

Great news- I will receive my cartridge within 3 days. Woohoo!!!!

Weekly Look

Here’s my look of the week. I tend to gravitate more towards stripes as they are very chic, not too flashy and anyone and everyone tends to comment on them. They grab your attention without saying “too much!”

Grey and silver horizontal stripes

Grey and silver horizontal stripes

For more information check out my store or go to www.delightfullydoable.jamberrynails.net

Scentsy Wax to Homemade Candles

My Motivation Began Here…

So, I made candles one Christmas with my girlfriend but after buying all the stuff I realized it was not worth the effort and money put into it. We went to Michaels Craft store and spent roughly $40 each and I believe we only had two candles come out of this project. This project required so much wax for one candle and the price simply wasn’t worth it. The best part was spending time with my girlfriend who I love dearly.

The glass bowl we used to melt the wax was literally impossible to clean. It dries on and leaves a terrible film. Every time I tried to wash the bowl the water would separate from the wax similar to oil and water but almost worse. Halfway through the process of making our own scented candles that were supposed to be AMAZING, I wanted to quit and actually did. The frustration set in and it became more frustrating to me than enjoyable that I gave up quite quickly and we proceeded to watch our Christmas movie and started in on our second craft for the evening. This one was way more enjoyable.

This experience itself should have been a fun joyful holiday moment but turned out to be the biggest pain in the neck. I just wanted my glass bowl clean darn-it-all. :)

I absolutely love Yankee Candles I am a huge fan of them and have them scattered throughout my house. They smell amazing and actually stay true to the smell while burning; they are the one candle that I’ve found that will actually smell the entire room of the sweet aroma.

I buy Yankee Candles for $10 for a large candle and $6 for a small one. I will not pay full price for them as $24.99-29.99 is outrageous in my eyes. Honestly $10 for a large is quite the steal in my book.

I’ve been on a hunt to find a comparable but for a Warmer…

The hunt…

This past summer, my sister had a Scentsy warmer in her bathroom that smelled so fresh, it was amazing. I had heard of Scentsy before but wasn’t sure they would compare to Yankee. With that said, they did measure up and I was utterly surprised. While I had tried other warmers and Bed Bath & Beyond’s scents they truly did not work. They made no effort to smell a room let alone my house. So at that point I was convinced to try Scentsy. I figured something out there had to compete with Yankee candles.

While in Seattle with my Aunt and Uncle two summers ago, they had a cute little fair going on with a lot of booths set up. Our little man was only a matter of weeks old. We took him in the stroller and walked around aimlessly enjoying the summers heat. While exploring we found a vendor selling Scentsy and decided I would take the plunge. Now, my warmer is from Bed Bath & Beyond, but it was more the scents I was worried about. So I bought several different scents and off we went. Here we are just over a year later and I still have one box left. I actually love them so much I haven’t bought a Yankee candle since.

Months Later…

A few months before our move I ran into quite the problem. Now I didn’t realize this at the time, but as of today I finally realized something was wrong. I have been using this warmer from Bed Bath & Beyond and the last two months every time I shut it off my light burnt out. I have gone to Home Depot three times and had a run for my money; they are not cheap ($6.49 for 1 bulb). I was really frustrated when I got the correct light but the watts were definitely way to strong (50Watts). We had a showing and came home and my husband mentioned it smelt of wax. I walked into the house and immediately smelt the wax and walked to the warmer and it reeked. (The goal was to smell the house of beauty not wax) My frustration with this warmer at that point began to grow immensely. I went back and returned the bulbs and bought the correct one, while I had bought this probably a week ago, I went to change the scent today and here we are again, the light doesn’t work. I am finally convinced that something is wrong with my warmer. Three lights in a row should not burn out within a couple weeks. I make a point to turn the light off so I don’t waste the scent at night, but having doing that, my light burns out.

Okay so the saga continues… I purchased a warmer from the store soon after (6 months ago to be exact) and it was Better Homes and Garden. It works, light has never been changed and we are 6 months with this warmer. I decided I would save the wax as I was previously dumping it in the garbage can. Having doing this there still is some scent left but I also realized what an easy way to reuse wax and for super cheap make my own candles.

The Simple Way…

I simply save the containers of the square wax and pour the wax back in. When I am ready to make my candles, I place the wax in the burner and let it melt (saving the mess of using a glass bowl in the microwave) and dump the melted wax into the mason jar after placing the wick in the bottom of the jar first. NOTE: if you want to keep the wick centered in the jar, tape it to an old pencil and lay the pencil over the jar till it hardens again and leaves you with a nice centered wick.

By doing this, you are only paying for a wick if you have the mason jars already. If you don’t have any mason jars you can always make a trip to the dollar store and many times they have cute little jars with or without lids that would work perfect for candle making.

Turning the Negative into Positives…

In the midst of my frustration with my warmer, it was nice to actually be able to make something positive out of this disastrous wax warmer.


Thanks to quitthewick for the pic