Susie NEEDS Our Help!!!!


Susie Churchill is a sweet sister-in-Christ who is 62 and a widow.  She attends Athey Creek Christian Fellowship.  Susie shared with me that she has a hereditary condition that is causing bone loss and infection in her mouth requiring extensive dental work at the price of $14,000.  Susie tried to refinance her home but was denied.  She needs this work done very soon due to the infection.  She also would need multiple teeth removed and would like it done before she returns to work this fall as a teachers assistant/office help.
Susie would never ask for help, so I am asking for her.  If God puts it on your heart to give to her need, whether it is $1 or $100, any contribution will be appreciated greatly.  And of course, please pray for her!
Thank you,
Suzanne Corrie
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Thanks to: for the photo

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