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Hi everyone, I invite you all to share in the joy of Jamberry Nails. I absolutely love Jamberry Nails as they are a sexy, chic, alternative to painting your nails. They stay on your nails roughly 10-14 days. Yes you heard me correctly! Unlike nail polish that says “7 day no chip” and chips the following day, you will be able to wear proudly these nail wraps as they look great with little maintenance.

What they are: Nail wraps are a shield that protects your real nail and allows them to grow in length without breaking. They are not hard like fake nails; they are moldable through heat and feel weightless on your fingers. You can’t even tell you have them on. They have hundreds of designs and you can even create your own if you prefer.

How they work: Each sheet has a lot of different size to fit every nail bed. They are heat activated and that allows them to adhere properly to your finger nail (you must use heat for them to work). I use a blow dryer and as soon as you heat them they become very moldable; you can also purchase a little heater (I recommend purchasing it as well as the application kit). You then file them to match the length of your real nail. There’s a tutorial that explains further: Application OR tips-and-tricks

How long do they last: I was curious how long they would truly last due to finger nail polish that says “no chip for 7 days” chips the next day. I hate painting my nails for that exact reason. When I tried these they lasted me 9 days before I took them off. I took them off because my real nails are sooooo short and the tips can tend to wear down slightly. Had they been a little longer, I could have filed my real nail to match the wear down on the fake nail.  They typically last up to 14 days looking great, that’s if I don’t get excited to change the look sooner. Toes can last up to 4-5 weeks.

Why Jamberry Nails: Jamberry nails actually work. I have tried the brand “Kiss” from the department store and by the time I went to bed that evening they had all come off and stuck to my feet. (I had done my toes) They are a waste of money and I can’t even get 24 hours out of them. See my experiment.

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