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Wait what? Whose getting promoted? Aren’t you a stay at home mom?

That’s right friends. Here’s the deal, I recently updated you all about my business venture to get my husband and I fully self-employed. I still work with Jamberry Nails but have embarked on a new venture with ItWorks! Global. The more I learn, the more I absolutely LOVE this company.

Here’s what I love. I can work from home or anywhere. The company IS out for the best interest of their distributors. They seek for extreme teamwork, you’re not left to fend for yourlsef (which is amazing), they are a Christian based company, your team literally helps you AND the products give real results. If this isn’t convincing enough, keep reading.

I stumbled across this company while a friend posted about a skincare line that I gravitated towards. I primarily get all my cosmetics and skincare from Sephora. The problem here is they are EXPENSIVE and I don’t see long term results in the products. I spend outrageous amounts of money for all natural skincare that promises to give me results and they don’t. So I try new products every time I go in. When I saw my friend post about our skincare line, I was immediately excited; all natural and cheaper by far. How could I not try it out???

Well friends, that’s where my journey began. Not only did I purchase the products I became a distributor as well. I wanted to become a distributor because I see a company that promotes not just “that crazy wrap” but a whole lot of products that help you gain a healthy lifestyle. We are out for your best interests not just a quick fix lose ten pounds. The “crazy wrap” literally works miracles but that is NOT all the company is about. They have multiple products that promote healthy living from the inside out. They are natural products and they give real results. We have doctors that work specifically with ItWorks that travel around the world to find the best products out there that really do work. I’m a huge advocate for health and wellness and really believe in making the right choices for our lives. This doesn’t mean I didn’t just go eat a handful of gummy bears and thoroughly enjoy them because I did! :) This means that I live by the simple truth “Everything in moderation.”

Some people have the mindset that we are the next best diet out there, the quick fix, the “lose weight and not change your lifestyle” mentality, but we aren’t. We are not a diet company. We are not a quick fix because even though our products give real results you can counteract these results by not desiring change. What I mean by that is this: Say today you decide to eat a blueberry muffin from Starbucks and get a vente white mocha. For lunch you have Burgerville and a large fry. Dinner is homemade tater-tot casserole with ice cream for dessert. After the kiddos are in bed you decide to try the body applicator (wrap) from ItWorks. You take a before picture and 45 minutes later you remove the body wrap. Repeat this for all 4 treatments and snap your last photo. When you do a side by side comparison, your mind gets BLOWN. You see for yourself that this crazy girl really does know what she’s talking about. This is NOT water weight as  you will find in salons. This IS in fact a detox that reduces our swollen fat cells causing them to shrink. Now…didn’t I just say that this isn’t a quick fix? Yes, I did! Here’s why, even though this detox showed you first hand through the photos you took that it really does work, if you continue eating potato chips and not eating a well-balanced diet you will counteract these results. This goes for anything and that is why I live by the rule: everything in moderation. I’m not suggesting you don’t head over to Starbucks and get a white mocha or that you don’t eat Burgerville, I’m a huge fan of both of these places but not on a regular basis.

What I do find is that once you receive these results it does in fact inspire you to want to keep them which in turn is up to you on whether you want to start eating slightly more healthy foods, go for longer walks or even head to the gym. This is up to YOU. The great things is we help promote a healthy lifestyle no matter what you choose, you will see results.

I’m seeking to explain to you a company that has literally made me super ecstatic and fall in love with cheaper products then I previously paid and knowing we are helping other’s do the same. I want to invite all of you to ask me questions, challenge me and see for yourself that you also are falling in love with these products.


My goal has changed through the past few weeks from originally signing up for some awesome products, to now help my hubby pay off student loan debt, house debt and car debt. These are things we want to rid and have a more simple life. I’ve been blessed to stay at home with my little munchkin and by no means did Michael think I would ever embark on this journey but I basically told him I was. No asking! :) I knew this is what I needed to do. I want to help support him and encourage him that while he’s at work all day earning a living for us, I appreciate it. I want to be a contributor in this crazy life that is beyond materialistic and lives outside their budget by helping my husband pay down college debt that literally will take forever. He always tells me, work smarter not harder. I fully agree with this statement and found the drive within myself to live up to that challenge and help him out not just verbally support him. :) I want him to be able to be self employed and work from home, take time off when he wants and travel when we choose. These are my dreams and I can play a huge part in that. The best part is, my hubby literally supports my crazy ambition!

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Or maybe you want to be apart of my 90 day challenge and see for yourself what products you want and what concerns you have diminish.

Message me now friends. :)

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