Pride Wreaks Havoc

Pride wreaks havoc on your own life and those around you. Are you drawing people near or pushing people away. Do you have good solid relationships or shaky, rocky acquaintances?

Our pride as humans is out of control. Anger and pride are our own worst enemies. We do not know how to love the unlovable and how to do the impossible. We are better than everyone and it’s always someone else’s fault, cutting you off in traffic or always someone else’s pride; never your own.

The person that is freed, is the one who can lay down their pride no matter the cost, no matter the outcome and no matter if you get a positive response. We all want to feel wanted and when we are hurt our pride steps in and says they aren’t worth it anyway.

What a sad way to live. What a sad mentality. What a sad outlook on life. We are so quick to place the blame and make it someone else’s fault to make ourselves look better, be the lucky one or simply portray ourselves as “above it all.”


But why? You gain nothing from pride but a bitter heart, resentment to the world and an unhappy self. Striving for something that will never please you but will only take you further down the rabbit hole.

I’ve seen pride take over peoples lives and literally hold them hostage. Are you headed down this path? Are you aware of your “Achilles heel” and what will always trip you up?

Moment of Truth: Be aware of your weakness, strive against it, seek to become a humble woman of Christ rather than portraying yourself to be above others. Set aside “Christianity” and live Biblically.

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