Pizza Bites


Is it time for a evening snack? My husband and I have got into a bad habit of eating, what most people would consider to be a second dinner. Not the best idea, especially with summer here. I thought to myself the other day that normally it’s typical to store up chipmunk weight during winter, not summer. So what’s my deal? It’s pretty simple I must say; I eat late at night!

The more unfortunate problem is the reality that I always feel sick afterwards from eating too much and eating not so healthy. I always try and counteract my sweet tooth or carb craving by eating some fruit or vegetables which leads to something even more unhealthy snacks. ;)

2014-08-25 09.01.13 (1)

Tonight’s snack of choice was a pizza muffin. Pizza toppings on a toasted, buttery english muffin. Yup, yummy.

All I did was toast an English muffin, layer pepperoni and cheese and broiled until crispy. Topped with fresh basil and devoured by me. DELICIOUS!!!!

Easy and very satisfying. Mmmm good!

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