Pineapple Bacon Sausage Sandwich

Oh how I absolutely love grill season. Especially now that I do not count on my husband anymore. “I can do it myself” I proudly think to myself. No more waiting around for him to get home from work; now I can have dinner prepared before he gets home. Yahoo!

I bought these sausages from Costco but you can purchase them pretty much anywhere. They are precooked and have sweet pineapple and juicy bacon wrapped inside them. This grilled juicy sausage leaves for a crispy outside with extreme juice flowing on the inside. Oh my goodness, is your mouth watering yet? Yummy yum yum!


Literally three ingredients is all you need. It is that easy. This meal is a 15 minute quick dinner (with the potatoes, 45 minutes).

From refrigerator to belly in a 25 minuets depending how quickly you gobble down your feast.


The simplicity of it all brings out the flavors of the sausage, leaving this goodness– plain and simple.

Serve on a ciabatta roll which makes this even more delicious.


Served this evening with pan friend potatoes…oh so delish’


Feast your eyes and feast your belly! :) Yahoo take pleasure in the food you eat. Life becomes more enjoy able when we eat and drink with those we love and eat good food!

So here’s the scoop:


  • 4 Sausages, defrost if necessary
  • 4 Ciabatta rolls
  • Smidgen of Mayo

Grill the sausage on BBQ- if weather appropriate. I wouldn’t want you all standing outside in the rain and snow to enjoy a delicious sausage sandwich. You could also broil in the oven, boil or microwave though I’m least partial to the ladder.

Lightly toast your ciabatta rolls on the grill (or oven) and spread with a little mayo.

Slice the sausage lengthwise and lay flat on your buns. :) Viola, that simple! Really it sounds very unexciting but a good sausage brings a lot of flavor to enjoy and not be disguised by multiple ingredients. It is really delectable.

Than…. sit on your back porch and enjoy a beautiful sunset. While I was up visiting family, this was a similar meal we had and this was the scenery I was able to gratefully partake in.


So beautiful! Though this scenery is entirely different than my backyard…I love enjoying the scenery from one house to another grateful that God has created a beautiful world that lies before us. IMG_5482

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