Nail Wraps or Are They??

Not everything is a good DIY experiment. I decided I would test department store nail wraps with the brand ‘Kiss’ to see if they work as well as Jamberry. By doing this experiment I painted a couple nails as well because the pattern was too strong for me to have on all 10 nails. Here is what I found:


Last night at 4:30pm
Just finished painting and stickin’ Looking good….


Nail polish smeared


Just got done making dinner and they are already annoying me…Everything I touch, they stick to.

Completely off the nail, all I did was make dinner and give my son a bath. Clearly they aren’t meant to get wet… yikes!
Following day at 3pm

Already the nail polish is worn off and I’m missing thumb and pointer finger. They were $5.99 but I received nothing from them but complete frustration.

36 hours later, they are all off… :(

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