Movies in the Park- The Sequel

Despicable Me 2. That was the chosen movie for Friday movies in the park last week. I have yet to seen the first tale and to be honest, did not even see this one. Little Cooper was so rambunctious that by the time the movie started and we all began to settle in, Cooper did not. He wanted to play til morning came.

This little wild man kept the evening bright and exciting. But come 15 minutes into the movie, Cooper is refusing to whisper and fake laughing to follow the flow of the crowd. When his little laughs were so loud and persistent, we knew it was our cue to leave. It was adorable but than we found ourselves laughing, probably annoying everyone around us. We became that annoying family.

We packed a picnic and the dinner menu was Chicken Taquitos.

While we ate, Cooper played! Off he’d go pushing his truck through the mud and the muck trying to conquer the world. It was almost as if Road Runner was on our hands with his fast paced feet racing under him with nothing to hold him back. Where he was off to was beyond me, but he would go- stop – and off again he’d run. Parking his truck up against a tree, running to the sidewalk only to stop and glance back giving us a smile, reassured that we were still watching him.


“What out, here I come!”

We bring a couple of his favorite toys and let him go crazy with no walls to hold him back.

Break time-

He’d come running back for a bite to eat and daddy would dance around with his little jammies on his head making Cooper laugh hysterically. I on the other hand would dart a look of disgust. Michael thought he was so funny because Cooper would laugh and continue to laugh asking for “one more.”  I knew I needed to steer clear as much as possible to make the moment end, hoping onlookers were distracted by something else. The problem with my husband…he knows when to keep at it. If I get embarrassed or disgusted, he will persist to make me even more uncomfortable. Any of you who know my husband, know that he has no fear of what others think of him; a great quality but an embarrassing one for me. :)


So gross… I mean…funny?

Chill-axing with daddy!


Mommy was chop liver tonight. Cooper was so excited to spend time with daddy and I gladly watched while I considered this my “break” of the day. :) Sweet boys!


Watching the movie screen get set up.

Taking lessons from Daddy. I’m not sure what it was for, but they had fun!


Play time begins-

“I’m not too young to wrestle with daddy!”


Little Cooper giggling beyond belief wondering if we can find him under the blanket.


“Can you find me if I hide under here?”

Daddy being discovered under the blanket. Cooper was so excited to play hide and seek. This little boy MELTS my heart!


I found daddy!

I love this man… I’m happy he’s mine and can enjoy amazing moments like these together.


He really is a little monkey…Cooper that is! Although I think he gets it from daddy!


This is a sneaky little face :)

We would laugh at Cooper and his sneaky little smirks on his face….what was he up to in that little head of his?!


Such a beautiful night

All in all, the night was beautiful and extremely fun. Cooper had a blast and was thoroughly worn out and ready for bed by the time we got home….(sigh)…perfect night with the family.

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