Motives Of The Heart

Motives of the Heart

1 Corinthians 4:5
“…God will reveal what is hidden and the motives of our heart.”

Lord, I long to stand blameless before you with pure motives to live a life worthy of your calling. A life that influences others hearts and brings people to their knees in awe of who You are. Lord Jesus, I pray for a right mind as I bring up my child in the way he should go. I pray for my patience and that it would come from You. I pray that my teaching would reside deep within him that Jesus is Lord. I pray that I will always be the light of Christ when living in my marriage. I pray I would not cause my husband to stumble but grow deeper in his new-found love for You.


Every day is a day battling our flesh and mind. Oh how easy it is for your thoughts to wander even while reading the Word of God. Take your minds captive, let God show us the steps for today.


Put your faith to the test. Stand in awe of Christ with a thankful heart. Find miracles in hardship. Find miracles in pain. Find miracles in the places we think can’t be reached; God is there.

Allow God to release you of the sins of this world.

Friends, you’ve heard me talk about this over and over again. Life is extremely distorted and burdensome to the world who knows not of Christ. Our family was faced with yet another “tragedy” this week. I use that word lightly because in the midst of fear, pain, tears and uncertainties, God is and was there! I’ve counted more than ten blessings in one nights tragedy that God was gracious towards, yes ten blessings. This blessings were no “little” blessings either, these were huge, massive, gigantic blessings that the Lord spared us from. His mighty hand rested gently upon His children. More importantly when this tragedy hit, the Lord was glorified three days later! The angels sang, the trumpets played and heaven praised as another child came to the foot of the cross begging for forgiveness and submitting their life to Christ. Through this tragedy, eternity sings and forever God is glorified. Can I get an amen?

Experiencing tragedy is a nightmare we long to avoid but God was ever so present in SO many ways. And I will step out an a limb and bring the uncomfortable to fruition that in every trial, tragedy, heartache and loss, GOD IS THERE. We must look for the blessings! I promise they are there even when you think there is no blessing to be found. The worst scenario possible still brings about God’s glory because God has already overcome evil. Victory already wins.

This heartache we experienced was a life altering situation BUT God longs to use this for His kingdom and bring others to Christ just as he did three days later. I pray for you in the midst of your tragedy whether big or small that God meets you there. I pray you don’t push it aside as God is longing for you to rest in His arms and allow Him to be the Potter, Maker, Chief and King of your burden.

No matter where you are in life, your face will never be hidden from the true Light!

Psalms 139:8 “If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there.” Our face will never be hidden from His great light!

Do not hold onto lies, addictions, anger, resentment, bitterness and pride. God sees the worst and the best in us, we cannot hide from Him as we can attempt to hide from our spouse, family, friends and neighbors. He already knows your hearts contention so please release yourself to Christ and He will bring you strength; refreshing your soul of all that was not of Him!

Moment of Truth: Where we are broken, God is there. Where we are wounded, God is there. Where life is empty, God is there.


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