Mini Pizza

I used to be a horrible morning person. All growing up I could never get up in time for school. My dad would come in on a bright sunny morning with extreme excitement in his voice. “Honey, it snowed last night!” I would try and process which season we were in, whether I should be excited or simply the sad reality that what my dad just shared was absurd. It was summer, 70 degrees by 7 am and my dad is trying to get me out of bed with snowflakes.

When that approach turned out to be anything but successful, he would often take a running shot at my bed and plummet down directly on me. “Wake up, isn’t it a beautiful day?!” This would often make me so mad that this grown man is jumping on my sleeping, lifeless body to somehow muster up some excitement to come running from the room? It made no sense to me, what was to wonderful to quickly wake up when sleeping was my number one friend.

Oh my poor dad. I look back and contemplate how he survived with three daughters, not how we survived. We were blessed and taken care of immensely with a wonderful Father who even though couldn’t get his girls up in the morning, taught us everything else we needed to know about life. :)

As I’ve grown, the morning side hasn’t really left me. Loving my sleep and late nights was a usual for me until I had my son……boy was that an eye opener for me. I have adapted extremely well which requires me to be in bed by 9:30. :) Although he’s a great sleeper, I can’t seem to catch up on years of lost sleep while chasing a toddler around.

So with the early morning routine, I am often up by 6:30 and not because little man is up by then, but because it allows me to get some stuff done before the day truly begins. Which is an easy prompt for early bedtime. Never sitting until touching foot in bed to read and let my mind rest, is a long awaited pleasure all day long.

This night in particular, Michael was out with some buddies and I was watching a movie. My tummy began to rumble and even though I had dinner (an hour ago), I was hungry. I decided to make a yummy little pizza on english muffins. It was probably 9:30 when I turned the oven on. My mind was telling me this would be great, while my tummy was telling me don’t even think about it….my mind won that battle.

After eating these delicious little pizza snacks, my tummy paid for it all night long. 


  • Butter
  • Garlic salt
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese
  • Fresh Basil

I reverted to a heaping hand of butter with a generous amount of garlic salt. Topping with pepperoni and cheese and then toasting them lightly in the oven.


Using a generous portion of garlic and butter creates something worth devouring. This late night snack was incredible with a nice touch of basil to flow with the flavors, but my advice would be…”Do not eat it too late!” :)


Something so simple but so garlicy and buttery was a wonderful moment to devour.

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