Measure 92 And The Right To Know

I believe 100% that measure 92 in Oregon was a scam. The right to know what’s in our food was the most expensive measure yet.

A little frustration comes out while being a mom who cares about what she feeds her family. Measure 92 was all about the right to know what is hidden within our food. Our foolish state voted against this….. or did they?

I begin to wonder how much is really based off the public vote verses a political scam. I believe we have our “freedom” to vote but ultimately certain measures and laws are truly left up to congress. I do not believe we have full control with voting and honestly believe this is where politics comes in to play.

“We have a right to know important information about the food we eat and feed our families – such as sugar and sodium levels, whether flavors are natural or artificial, and if fish is wild or farm-raised. We should also have the right to choose whether we want to buy and eat genetically modified (GMO) food, just like 64 other countries already do. Labeling GMO foods would assist shoppers who are concerned about the potential effects of increased pesticides and herbicides to make informed purchasing decisions at the store.”

Tell me, why would people not want to know what’s in their food to the point of commissioning against it? I do not get this and think it’s a huge political scam. I truly believe that this measure was political based and not based off the public vote.

If you read this article, you will see that the argument against farmers spending millions of dollars to adhere to this law is foolish.

This is my personal opinion but I strongly believe we have the freedom to vote but ultimately our votes wont count against a dilemma that would hinder any further money spent upon something we should “know” about. I believe our votes only count to a certain extent and are politically monitored.

This is a very frustrating topic and is only an Oregon based decision in regards to measure 92, but I’ve seen this even with presidency and truly wonder sometimes if our congress and presidents have truly been 100% based off the public. I don’t believe so….

This is simply food for thought and getting a bit of my frustration out when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom to “know.” There are limits even within our own country.


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