Loving Time With The Cousins

Summer has come and has almost left us indefinitely for the year of 2014. Can you believe we are already 14 years into the millennium? Not that I really cared prior to the new millennium but it actually makes me feel old now that all our kids will think we are from the stone age. Kind of a weird thought, but I felt it was worth sharing. Tweet about it for me, than it will be something of value. Everything tweeted is honorable and worth acknowledging right?

Enough of my tangent about something of no value, but intriguing it was… while we were up visiting family, Cooper got to spend some amazing time with his three cousins. They are all boys. They all love outside. They all love cars and tractors and most of all…they all love one another! It was so terribly cute to watch them all play together and care for Cooper as he was the baby!

Trying to keep up with the boys in all their outside activities, Cooper did mighty well.


All the boy cousins

Agezu holding his little kitty. Oh how he loves these little kitties.


Showing off his sweet little kitty!

I think Cooper became over stimulated pretty quickly while the dog and two kitties ran around. He wasn’t quite sure which animal to attend to first.


“Woof Woof”

Come back kitty, come back! The kitties take off runny while the boys tried to chase them only to pick them up by their necks… no wonder they ran away!


Cooper loves his cousins and loves to call them “the boys.” It is great to have older cousins for Cooper to play with who also loves sports, outside and trucks and tractors too!


Cooper kept saying “Tim, Tim” I think implying that he was holding the kitty too! :)

Agezu trying to explain to Cooper how to properly hold the kitty…


Cooper trying to take kitty holding skills seriously…


Is the kitty smiling?

He could not get enough of these little kittens. They were so patient with him as he drug them all across the yard. Smashing their face and grasping their necks.


The grey little kitty would run away quicker than a bullet leaves a gun but boy did Cooper beat him this time.


Don’t you try and run away from me


Ah-ha, I gotcha now!


Let’s hug and make up


“I’ll say goodbye now..”

Finally he let the kitties go and play in the woodpile. 
IMG_5442Okay… one more goodbye! 

Bye bye woof woof, better known as Moose! he’s the largest Lab you will find but the best trained hunting dog around. He’s beyond well-behaved and taller than Cooper and… he had no fear of the Moose!


“Thanks Auntie and Uncle for letting me come play with all the kitties and puppies and chase them around. It was so fun!”

Cooper had such a good time at Auntie and Uncle’s house and absolutely loved not only chasing animals around, but chasing the boys around the yard too!

Thanks for a great visit. Wished we lived closer.

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