Lemon Julep

I do not drink alcohol anymore. Now that I’ve had my baby I completely went 180. I knew that was the moment of truth; I needed to grow up in more ways than one and alcohol was clearly leading by far hence the fact that I was pregnant. After I gave birth I really had no desire to drink and haven’t since. To be completely honest I truly can’t explain how I feel physically and mentally but my body feels so healthy. I drank more than I should have but looking back I realized I abused what the whole point of alcohol is; to be social and not be drunk. (I definitely have my perspective on alcohol, but won’t divulge that information today) Getting pregnant was an immediate turn around in my life for many things. I saw things way more clear once I started to grow my little bun in my oven. Things changed and changed for the good; I’m blessed and thankful that this little man in my life had such an impact on me that I could have never experienced without him.


The reality of health is what you put into your body will come out whether good or bad. Hind sight is always 20/20 so they say; and having a glance back I realize how important it is to take care of our bodies. I see young kids, actually really young kids abuse pain killers, alcohol, and drugs. These kids are literally destroying their bodies before they even finish their growth spurt and development into womanhood or manhood. Who are their examples, are we as their parents helping or hindering? Leading by example, or leading by our words?


Enough of my tangent, this afternoon I really was longing for a delicious, tasty refreshment and was at a loss of what to make. As I left the grocery store realizing I have so many fresh herbs I decided I would attempt some sort of a concoction hoping for the best.


I made “lemonade” with some mint and basil. It was so refreshing and my husband even loved it. (He’s my yay or neigh for my creativity) He put himself on a “two drink maximum.” J



  • All natural lemonade (Newman’s Own or frozen works too unless you want to avoid HFCS)
  • Mint Leaves
  • Basil
  • ¼ cup Lemon juice
  • Lemon slices
  • Honey (optional)


Mix lemonade, lemon juice and lemon slices into a pitcher. Do not add ice to the pitcher because it will dilute the taste. Mix honey with a smidgen of water to help with the consistency to mix better. Crush the mint leaves and basil leaves enough so you can smell them from afar. If you don’t have anything to crush them with you can use the back of a large spoon and press firmly damaging the leaves slightly. Add the whole bushel to the pitcher and mix well. Pour over a full glass of ice and top with a lemon slice.


We got a new patio set and BBQ and decided to enjoy the evening with dinner and our nonalcoholic drinks while cooper sat in his highchair eating cheerios and enjoying the sips of lemon julep his daddy and I were giving him. Life is beautiful!

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