Is Life Delightfully Doable?

I was thinking about the name of my website today and how my caption below says “finding doable ways to delight in life’s circumstances.” I was also realizing how I’m the author and creator of my blog, which means I can share with you whatever I choose and also withhold from you just the same. I want everyone to know life has been anything but easy for me and that, in and of itself, is exactly why I started this website. My goal and desire is for those reading to gain hope while understanding life is not easy, but God did promise us a future hope and peace along the way. We can choose to delight in life, no matter the circumstance. Friends I am living proof of this and it is only by the grace of God, that I can do so.

I’ve spoke on forgiveness a few different times and have explained that the essence of forgiveness is not a feeling but a choice. If we can gain that acceptance, we will be better off. Same goes with life. The more you focus on the bad and the negative, the more your heart will become resentful and pessimistic. Choose to delight in life’s ups and downs and learn along the way. We will never be in a trial longer than it takes to learn the deep rooted issues God is asking us to obtain on a heart level; not a mind level. Knowing and doing are two entirely different concepts and have two entirely different outcomes.

My life as of the past two years has been extremely challenging. Well, let me go back a little further in history. My life has been challenging for years, but since I came to Christ, I’ve struggled more on a Spiritual level fighting against my flesh. My relationship with my husband has been very exhausting as we hadn’t really known one another when we got pregnant. We got married and two months later we had our precious little blessing. With that comes immense hardship. I see God working all things together for good, for those who love Him. But on the same hand, I see the consequences of my sin, living in sin and having a baby out of wedlock still has deep rooted effects on our marriage. Sometimes I get so angry, but than I realize God is taking my sin and turning it for good. It was my choice to live the lifestyle I had previously known and it’s also my responsibility to accept the consequences.

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Moment of Truth: Within those tough trials and those tough seasons of life, I am continually reminding myself to delight in life’s circumstances as it will mold me and make me into a happier, thankful person.


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