How to Hard Boil Eggs

How to hard boil eggs.

I didn’t realize that it can be a struggle to peel the shell and not have the yoke fully cooked. After talking with a friend, I decided to share my little secret for the perfect hard boiled egg. No problems peeling and no under cooked egg.

I didn’t realize you could actually buy pre-boiled eggs from Costco. I was actually shocked when I heard this and figured it was time to share these simple directions as I boil eggs weekly for snacks throughout the week.

As I was talking with her, she explained that she can never get the eggs just right; a little too soft or too difficult to peel.

So… here ya go. The no fail hard boiled eggs. If you follow these directions you shouldn’t have any problem peeling the shell. I haven’t and would be surprised if you did.

In a large pot place cold eggs. Use COLD water, enough to cover the eggs. (This will keep them from cracking)

IMG_4542Bring to a roaring boil. 

Once boiling, turn off heat, cover and set the time for 13 minutes. (Leave the pot on the hot burner) 

When timer goes off, rinse with cold water and place in the refrigerator. 

Enjoy your delicious eggs that will cook without fail. 
IMG_4552Simple as that!

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