Homemade Chips

My husband absolutely loves homemade chips. He begs for them often, although I don’t prefer to make them because it takes time and splatters oil all over my tea kettle. Couldn’t I move the kettle you ask, of course but the reality is it makes a mess that I don’t like. Truth be told, if I tell him I hate making them, most the time I can get him to do it. What a good man! :)

These are super easy but you have to be patient and let them crisp up which takes a little time. It also takes longer if you are like us, and have no portion control and can eat a whole batch in one sitting. These chips do not last in our house for more than one meal unless we literally make a whole bag full of corn tortillas.


  • Corn Tortillas
  • 1 cup Oil (which ever type you prefer, I use vegetable or coconut)

In a saucepan add a thick layer of oil and heat on med-low heat. Don’t turn the heat on too high because this will add to the splatter and over cook the chips very quickly. Cut the tortilla circles the same as you would cut a pie. Once the oil is heated through add tortillas to the skillet and flip when golden brown.


Cover a plate with paper towels to help absorb excess oil and sprinkle with sea salt before they cool down.


Enjoy with any Mexican dish or with my yummy Fondido Burrito.

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