He Doesn’t Really Care

I think we often forget to show our love to our spouse in the midst of daily routine. We tend to question the love our spouse holds for us or whether they still feel the way they did on our wedding day.
Many questions arise when fights occur, distractions hit, chaos of life takes over and your marriage begins to suffer. The immediate response: “He doesn’t really care!” If he cared, he would clean up after himself. If he cared he wouldn’t leave his dishes in the sink forcing me to come behind him and pick them up. If he cared, he would help out more with the kids. If he cared, he would know I need a break. If he cared, he would…..
He doesn't really care

Unfortunately, the statements are endless. If you have ever seen the movie Fireproof you would know that in the beginning their marriage is already crumbled and the effort and desire to try and make it work is gone. Someone has to step up to the plate and show that their marriage is worth fighting for. The husband in this case does so. He begins by doing something small for her everyday and while she doesn’t notice it or thinks he’s doing it to prove a point, he begins to get angry and wants to give up again. This is how marriage and relationships work IF you quit trying and focus on the negative. He continued to push through and take responsibility that loves isn’t doing something to get something back. This is something we all tend to agree on but when you continually are showing up every day with something small for your spouse and it goes unnoticed, I too would start to get upset.

So here we are, “fighting” for your marriage and all we can conclude at the end of the day is “he doesn’t really care.”

I read this the other day and thought it was a good reminder that should be shared with all. If you yourself are feeling that He doesn’t really care, keep reading!

“What if I said to you Jesus doesn’t care?? I bet your first response would be, “How could you even say something like that?”
It seems one of the biggest complaints we hear from spouses is that NO ONE cares!! I hear wives daily say,”no one in my family cares what I do for them.”
We sat across from a husband recently as he gently poured out his heart to us and said that he was certain that there was no way his wife cared what went on in his day..she just complained. He’d love to talk to her about “stuff”…but she was too busy pointing out what she did and he didn’t notice!
Think of 5 things that your spouse did yesterday…just 5 things…went to work..changed a diaper..made dinner… I’m not going to think of them for you… You can do it.Now..do you have them..they don’t have to be big…those were 5 things you didn’t have to do…they may be things you’ve done or do..but yesterday your spouse did them! They did those 5 things because they care…Call them, text then, thank them, go home and hug them.You need to be reminded of something…Even when it seems our spouses don’t care..they DO! We need to tell each other that…Jesus wanted it that way! WHY?
Because HE cared! He wants us to have loving marriages! He cares about every detail!
Can you think of 5 things Jesus did to show us how very much He cared? I’ll help you with this one…
He left His comfortable home in heaven and came to earth as a man.
He died on a cross for our sins.
He chose YOU!
He called you by name!
He forgave us of every one of our sins..we just have to ask!
He cares very much!! He doesn’t care that we may have messed up..He wants us to take that to Him and let Him bury it…But Oh He cares!

Next time you think no-one cares….think about leaving your comfortable home..put on a thousand pound back-pack and try to imagine that you had some pretty serious injuries on your hands and feet, and take a walk around the block…Could you do it??

Remember how very much He cares..He gave you that perfect spouse you get to go home to today!!”
Mike and Laurie (Sunday School Teachers)

He doesn't really care1

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