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Ever wonder if you are paying too much for your hair products? I do!! When I step foot in the salon and pay for my haircut, color, and products I am stunned by the time my credit card is swiped for the three beautiful things that currently took place. I love beautifying myself and the insane feeling you have when you walk out of the salon feeling as though you have transformed into a new woman.

My pocket-book on the other hand has a different feeling! :) The five-minute trim that barely took place and finished before I could blink my eyes cost $68 and then there’s the hair product that will last roughly four weeks costing another $50 and the color….well lets not discuss that as you all know how much hair color goes for these days. Anyway, you get the picture, although I am estimating the actual costs I am sure almost every one of you have experienced this a few times. You swear to yourself you wont fall into the trap next time and purchase the incredible products they use on your hair but it seems almost every time you see the magic take place you have no option but to succumb.

I have a deep love for dry shampoo. My hair is beyond fine and extremely thick. Washing it once a day would be ideal as the fineness becomes oily almost instantaneously. Using this incredible product allows my hair to proceed to day number three quite easily. And if I must be honest, sometimes I go four days and have an “up do” to make it another day without washing it. Oh the dreadful day of hair washing.

I’ve used many different brands of dry shampoo and hairspray and of course all the salon products are pretty amazing. BUT….are salon products comparable to department store? First let me say…you get what you pay for. My husband and I have had this conversation one too many times as he married a cheap wife. I am beyond frugal but I will admit sometimes I am extremely cheap and almost embarrassingly cheap. I’ve had to reevaluate my frugality verses cheapness.

My cheap side comes out when I run out of my expensive product. I seem to rotate my successful product worth a lot of money with my embarrassingly cheap products leaving my hair a bit embarrassing. In the midst of my cheapness I have found a couple of product that I absolutely love.

You know how hairspray can leave a build up, making your hair stand up like cardboard keeping absolutely no bend in the strands, keeping the hair impossible to brush through as the cement you sprayed did beyond it’s job? I HATE this! So, I have found the salon product called Bedhead is absolutely amazing and exactly what I enjoy. But on my cheap days, I was beyond thrilled to find a brand from the department store that was honestly incredible. I am kind of embarrassed to say which brand I found as it is not normally considered to be worth your money. But- because I feel I have developed a deep love for this product I must share it with all of you.

Suave Salon Professionals verses Bed Head-

It smells absolutely amazing and there is no chemical smell left behind in the scent. No white residue or crusty hair that is impossible to brush through. I was beyond SHOCKED how much I enjoyed this product. The greatest news of all was this product only cost $2.88. Yup that’s right, less than your coffee for the day. I must say Suave is a NEVER buy product for me but I was desperate one afternoon for something life changing and that is what I found.
Hair products 2

This is a must try product!

Hair products

Bed Head is amazing, but it is only worth the money on occasion. Again- I believe some products are worth the money and others aren’t. I honestly feel Suave Professionals Touchable Finish is a great comparison. (I haven’t tried any other Suave hairspray and most likely wont)

Now for dry shampoo-

I did try Suave Salon Professionals and was NOT impressed what-so-ever. Steer clear! I have also used Tresseme brand and felt so-so with that; definitely not convinced. I have found certain products aren’t comparable and this is one of them. KMS brand from the salon IS worth the money; every penny spent it well spent! Definitely smells good, no white residue, doesn’t leave a film in your hair and smells fabulous.

In the same breath, if you want something that is comparable than Oscar Blandi is very good. I found this product for half price and was thoroughly impressed; bought it for $8. you can purchase this item on Amazon for $14.50. The comparison was very poor between Oscar Blandi and Suave. Oscar beat out with miles in between.

Along with Oscar Blandi, KMS Hair Play is my dry shampoo go to. Costing around $25 from the salon or for a great deal $15+ shipping on Amazon. If you can purchase Oscar Blandi for $8 than go for it. I wouldn’t pay full price for Oscar Blandi as KMS is a couple dollar difference and definitely a real winner to go with high quality.

Hair product 3

So… with my great frugality and cheapness I was left to find products worth the money and products definitely to stay away from. :)

Overall results: KMS or Oscar Blandi for Dry Shampoo and Suave Professionals Touchable Finish for a wonderful hairspray.

Hope this helps all of you hairspray and dry shampoo lovers. :)

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