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Guitarfish Music

“Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport and the dish ran away with the spoon, ya, the dish ran away with the spoon.”


When I was 7 years old I started playing the piano and taking lessons from my Aunt Preta. She was an incredible pianist and while she taught me a lot about piano in those eleven years, I decided to quit once I left for college. I was ignorant and truly believed I would never regret this move— boy was I wrong. Here I am 11 years later and have a two year old who loves dancing, singing and instruments. I decided I wanted to start him at a young age and get him deeply acquainted with music so that he can learn to appreciate how our society thrives off this talent.

Imagine a world without music and instruments. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you aren’t musically talented but that does not mean you do not listen to music of one genre or another. Music is what our culture thrives on. A suspense movie has that eerie feeling hiding in the black scenes of the night telling you something horrific is about to happen. That music is what provides this deep intensity that tramples through your veins. Or maybe a sporting event during football season; the bands plays wildly banging on their drums in utter excitement that their team just scored a touchdown. The crowd jumps to their feet with sheer joy and the trumpets play. This is a scene we all long for but what catches these moments and creates a lasting memory is the music. Or, maybe you enjoy dancing. Whether it be swing, tango, salsa or hip-hop. How could you dance without music? Music sets the scene of life.

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking some private classes at a local music store called Guitarfish. This store was incredible! The people were amazingly friendly and wanted to get to know me and what it was that they could help me with. They weren’t simply doing their job pushing you to purchase an item or lessons so they could earn their commission for the day, by no means, and the teachers are not independent contractors like most other studios. They are staff members of Guitarfish who have a lot of experience giving music lessons and working with students of all ages. And the best part of all of this, every week I stepped into this store, I could see that each employee had a deep desire to fulfill what they were called to do; bring music to their store and teach how to fulfill that passion. There was a love and passion that filled the store with a giant friendly face and this is what I call a true family owned business. Fulfilling a passion and providing a well-educated environment for toddlers-adults to gain the knowledge they need to fulfill their dream in music. The appearance of the store and atmosphere they provide for families is what sets them apart from other music stores.

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If I were to be completely honest here, I would probably never enter a music store because of my fear that I would not fit in with most studios. My stereotype is that a music store is filled with “tatted up rocker dudes” that are still stuck in the 60’s rocking their long hair. Please take no offense to this but if you know me and my “girly” disposition, this wouldn’t be a place for me. I would probably start talking about our hairstylists rather than music. ;)


With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised that Guitarfish had an open layout to their store and was there to help me with my specific needs/wants and immediately provide a welcoming environment. If Apple had a music store, Guitarfish would be their scene.

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Apart from their inviting store, they have multiple classes for kids of all ages. I had the opportunity to get myself and Cooper involved with their young kids’ class called Music Together. And while they have classes for elementary age through high school, I partook in my little mans music class getting him acquainted with the beginning facets of music and how kids learn. I was beyond impressed with the knowledge and education behind this class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Though it was for young kids, I learned multiple new concepts every time we went. The involvement, rhythm and repetition was unspeakable.

I must say from my personal experience, I was taken aback by the research, involvement and desire to teach my son how to begin learning songs and playing instruments. It is called Music Together but I kept calling it “mommy and me” or a “daddy and me” class because you learn just as much as the kids. There were dads, moms and grandmas all dancing and singing in this early childhood music class. It was very fun!

I never knew that music stores offered classes like this and I do not think most do. Guitarfish is very family oriented and reaches out to fulfill every dynamic possible in the realm of music. Whether it be with instruments or voice lessons- there’s something for everyone at Guitarfish.


For those of you who have a passion for singing, playing the piano, rocking out on a guitar or wanting to do a mommy and me class, Guitarfish is the place for you! This researched based studio will blow your mind and will be worth the experience. They have great value to their lessons and financially fit everyone’s budget. They have a special right now through the month of December to receive $20 off your first month if you sign up before December 31st and mention that I, Tiffany from Delightfully Doable referred you.

Visit Guitarfish at either Hillsboro, Tigard and coming soon to Clackamas.

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