Grocery Deals

I found this website that allows you to buy groceries that are  delivered to your home within one to two business days. You bargain your prices without having to drive across town for the best deals. It is a huge money saver and I felt the need  to share  it with you. compares prices between other retail stores for the best deal. You can swap and save. The first time you sign up you can get free shippint as well. (Even with shipping you still save more money) A couple things I know to be a better deal through Costco such as honey. Costco is one of the stores on the website but Costco has restrictions on what they allow. They won’t ship honey or toilet paper but other things they do ship. So explore the site and see what you find and how much money you can save while shopping at home.

*Note: I bought eyeliner on this site that normally is $10 and I recieved it for $2. I also got a 10lb bag of basmati brown rice for free with a coupon they had online. 

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