Grandma’s Pie Crust

Growing up I LOVED this crust. I would pick out the insides of most the pies just to eat the crust. For some reason I never really liked pie and would only take a slice if it was my mom’s pies specifically for the crust. This recipe has been in the family for generations. This is actually my great grandma’s recipe and who knows how many generations this was passed down previously. This really is a great flaky pie crust with no butter. Lots of people ask for the recipe but for some reason when they make it they aren’t successful and it turns out too tough, not flaky. The reason being is we get so tempted to want to stir it “really” well and are over mixing it. If you follow the directions you will be fine. Don’t add your own twist to it otherwise you will take the flakiness away.

In a bowl combine:

    • 2 cups flour
    • Pinch of salt



      • ½ cup oil
      • ¼ cup milk


Stir just until mixed (or it will be tough, not flaky).

Divide into two balls and roll out between wax paper. Carefully peel off the top wax paper and lay gently into greased pie dish. You may sprinkle the top layer with sugar if you want. I prefer it with fruit pies but not with pumpkin.

Cook according to the pie of choice time frame. My pumpkin pie was 60 minutes according to Libby’s Pumpkin Pie can.


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