“Gain” A Beautiful Smell

“Gain” A Beautiful Smell

Every time I go and visit my parents up in Washington, I always leave their house with the best smelling laundry. You may think I’m crazy but truth be told, I enjoy doing our laundry up there as I know there is a guarantee of freshness to be had in our suitcase upon arriving home in Oregon.

With a brand new front loader washing machine, I couldn’t figure out why our clothes simply were not smelling fresh, let alone clean. It was beyond me. I was making our own laundry detergent and opted to take a break as I thought this was our culprit. As I bought the most expensive brand on the market, Tide, I was still utterly unsatisfied. I was using laundry softener and still had no success.

My husband works out all the time and sweats like crazy. It’s pretty gross and I will save you the pain of too many details other than he smells like a sewer rat when he’s done. Sick! I love him dearly, but wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole after workouts. It’s almost as if a rat died after walking around in cow dung for days.

Okay, I said I would spare you the pain and I think you get my drift that the odder is very prominent and unwelcomed.

One afternoon I called my mom desperate for some help. I’m not sure if she really helped me as her answer to my question was no good. I asked what detergent she uses and she replied “whatever is on sale.” I immediately countered her response because if that were true, her laundry would not always remain consistently smelling delicious. We proceeded to go around and around in circles with very little information for me to grasp onto other than: “Buy what’s on sale and do not buy tide. It is a waste of money.”

Her comments were helpful but on the other hand they weren’t. I wanted exact information, brand, scent, size, etc. She said she sometimes buys Arm & Hammer, Gain, Purex so on and so forth and she said it so lackadaisical. So with that in mind, I immediately returned Tide since that was my detergent of choice earlier that day. My reasoning was simple: Go big or go home. $20 later I returned Tide to purchase Gain.


I tried Gain for no other reason except out of all the detergents my mother listed, this is one I had yet to try. Racing home to test the clothes saturated in sweat, I was thrilled upon my discovery. It worked, it really worked. The moment I pulled the clothes out of the drier, my nose was filled with such a refreshing scent. No more sewer rat, no more cow dung. It was a beautiful moment I about wept over the pile laying within my arms. I held my embrace for minutes as I sat overjoyed by this wonderful discovery. It was priceless.

Thankfully I shed no tears over the clean, bountiful, fresh scent. But this my friends was the cure. The cure to our devastation. The cure to the wretched smell that clung so tightly. This was the cure; GAIN. I will shout it from the roof tops. My husbands scent officially removed (well, the bad scent at least).

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Thank you to: crazy-frankenstein.com

Moment of Truth: If you are having a rough time with your clothes, please consider Gain and Downy Original scent fabric softener. These two combined were the end all be all to our troubles.

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