Free Money

Free Money? Well not quite! We have the American Express Costco card that brings cash back for Costco each year. My husband used to travel all the time for work and we would book his travels with our AMEX card and take the reimbursement to rack up our cash back. This year we received just over $400 to spend at Costco. Every year we stock up on meat and products that last a long time.

free money

We received our coupon in the mail 6 weeks ago, but little did I know that I tossed the coupon directly into our recycling bin and put it out for garbage day. Blah, I was so annoyed with myself as I was checking the mail daily waiting anxiously for the arrival of this dear coupon. It was as if I was a small child waiting for my pink Barbie to come in the mail.

After tossing it and finally realizing what I had done, I called AMEX and they informed me they would be sending another coupon with the next billing statement. Finally 6 weeks later it arrives in my mailbox putting the biggest smile on my face to now be able to fill our freezer and panty full of goodies again. I had avoided a big grocery trip knowing this was coming and I didn’t want to overflow my freezer and not have room. So I patiently waited….well I tried to be patient at least!

Last night we took the trek to Costco as a family not only purchasing all of the goodies we had hoped for but just as every year prior, we spend more than the allotted amount. I’m not sure how it happens as the hundreds of dollars we are given seems to be an incredible amount, yet we still manage to go above and beyond. My lists are simply tossed out the window once entering Costco. The glorious riches of Costco products take over my mind. :)

After the hours spent shopping, Cooper was beyond tired and needed dinner. I stood in one of the longest lines-to-date for a polish dog for Cooper as Michael and I would be having steak and Caesar salad that he was entirely uninterested in. If his disinterest came solely from steak I would question whose son he is, but considering he is adverse to food entirely, I quickly push these thoughts aside. Unfortunately, after that immensely long line, Cooper refused any form of food the remainder of the evening. I was quite annoyed as his little body hasn’t been interested in food recently concerning his mama as usual. So sweet little man went to bed on a hungry tummy while I spent the remainder of the evening putting items away and reorganizing them while my husband watched Breaking Bad and I took in what I could. (I’ve found myself to become quite the fan of this show!)

Free Monet

Needless to say, I would recommend any of you who utilize Costco to the fullest, such as I to get the American express card to receive your delightful coupons in the mail on an annual basis. It saves a lot of money when you buy in bulk and stock your freezer. I also appreciate the fact that Costco has high standards with their food products allowing me to not be weary of what I am purchasing.

Moment of Truth: Check your mail thoroughly before tossing your “recyclables” into the bin.

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