Fish Tacos

Today was an absolutely beautiful day filled with church, relaxation and good eats. My husband and I had some great conversations while enjoying the sun. Typically we spend every weekend busy with chores or out traveling around. Today we sat and had great conversations with some yummy iced coffee and delicious food.

Fish tacos were not on the menu for tonight’s dinner, but as the night progressed it simply turned into that as we both decided we had been talking about fish tacos for awhile.

They were so incredible, we were thankful we succumbed to the desire. After eating dinner we went on a nice long walk through the forest as it’s basically in our backyard. Quiet and peaceful was the remainder of our day topped off with a Cherry Turnover from my Aunt’s berry store in Salem. Woo-hoo!


  • 4 fillets of Mahi (any kind works great)
  • ¼ tsp chili powder
  • ¼ tsp chipotle seasoning
  • ½ tsp garlic salt
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • 2 tbsp garlic butter, melted


  • Grilled Corn
  • Kidney Beans
  • Cheese
  • Rice
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Ranch

In a small bowl mix together chili powder, chipotle, garlic and sea salt together. Sprinkle over fish.


Grill the fish on the BBQ and while cooking, baste the fish with melted garlic butter.


Once cooked, allow to cool and shred fish.

IMG_5675 IMG_5684

Toast tortillas on the grill.


Grill the corn on the barbecue with garlic butter and salt.


Once tortillas are cooked, serve warm with all the toppings you enjoy.


Assemble with cheese, rice, beans, tomatoes, corn, ranch and avocado.


So delicious! Yummy!


Hope you enjoy as much as we did! :)

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