Drink of Choice

During these HOT summer days I always have to have coffee when I wake up in the morning, and even though it may be hot out, I still need my cup of hot coffee every morning. Come the afternoon though, I’m begging for an iced coffee. 4-Bucks has become the name of Starbucks in our household. Every drink no matter what it is, comes with a high cost. Surprisingly even iced coffee has a price tag with it that adds up on a regular basis. We LOVE iced coffee and since I drink it every day, I had to start making it myself. Cheaper and actually, really good!


The weekends are our favorite time to go on morning walks and get coffee and pastries. This has become our “thing” as husband and wife. We love our coffee but we love our walks, conversations and yummy pastries to go with it. I come from a family (parents and sisters) who also live on coffee. Our motto is: Coffee is not a drug, it’s a vitamin. And boy do we believe that’s true. Even my son got into my iced coffee a couple times when I misplaced it not realizing he would actually drink it. And that little man himself, sucked it right down. Crazy.


So, now that you have gazed at the picture for a few minutes, don’t you think it’s time to go make your own cup of excitement?


  • 2 cups brewed coffee**
  • Cream
  • Honey (Sugar)

It’s pretty simple and delicious. We often serve ours just after it brews (as you would an americano) while still hot. First, pour a little coffee into your cup, just enough to melt the honey. Than add ice to the top of your cup and pour coffee over ice. Leave a little room for cream and viola, you have the perfect iced coffee.

** The key is to make the coffee stronger by adding 2 cups water to 2 heaping scoops coffee grinds. Once the coffee is brewed you can serve immediately over a full cup of ice to cool it down or simply refrigerate for later. Sometimes I make a large pot and keep it in the fridge throughout the week. The ratio for coffee is 1 large scoop to 1 cup water.

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