Don’t Waste Your Life

What do YOU love? Whats your dreams, passions and what drives you?

My husband and I were talking last night about our future goals and our goals for the year. We were discussing how deeply we both want to be self employed so we can make our own hours, be with the kiddos and pass on memories as a family rather then daddy going to work all the time. I mentioned earlier this week how Cooper has a hard time when Michael is gone all week long. These are things that we CAN change if we want. God has given us the ability to work and be creative. That doesn’t mean we are all meant to sit at a desk to provide for our family. This is not the dream we have.

We know we were created for so much more and now we just have to pursue our dreams and allow the Lord to really work those out in His timing. It’s actually exciting to see what this year will bring and where we will be.


I challenge each of you to know your dreams and passion and to really pursue them as well. If you don’t know what they are, pray about it. God wants us to be used for His glory. What does that look like in YOUR life? Is your story similar to ours, are you wanting to pour into your family and not allow work to take over your life? Are you wanting to minister to those around you? Think through it all and comment below your thoughts, dreams and what you want for your life.

Dream big!

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