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I am offering a place for donations to help reach people in need and to offer a place for people who want to help support Delightfully Doable. This is a no obligation blog. My heart is to help people by speaking the truth of Christ to those I encounter.

Thanks to: for the photo

Thanks to: for the photo

This current donation is for Susie Churchill:

Recently I have had the opportunity to share a story about Susie Churchill and would love to offer support to help her gain some money to get intensive dental work done. When all is said and done she will be paying a total of $14,000. She is a widow who has been denied for EVERY financial program under the sun and yet her dental repair hasn’t left her site. SHE NEEDS HELP! My goal, along with Suzanne Corrie, is to reach 14,000 people with the goal in mind that those 14,000 people each donate $1. So simple to donate a dollar right? So when that adds up she can receive her dental care from people just like you who donate $1.

$14,000 is mind blowing for dental work and is a ton of money, but in perspective $1 is so simple and can change a life. $1 has the capability to show love and support to a women in need. She has a hereditary gene that is destroying her teeth, every tooth is severely damaged. She has taken great care of them her whole life and unfortunately sometimes our genetics work against us. This is what happened to Susie.

My goal is to share needs and ask for help. It’s not easy to ask for help so that is where I come in. Suzanne and I want to change a life by asking for $1. Please join in supporting Susie Churchill.

Follow the link below and donate today!!! She needs the money NOW so she can get her dental work done before returning to work in September.

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