Department Store Makeup

Sometimes you get what you pay for, other times you don’t. I have found through my deep obsession with Sephora that not everything is worth the price or that good of quality. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sephora, I love makeup and I love face lotion and masks.

I have found certain products aren’t worth the high price tag. Face Primer to be one of those products that I feel is just as good of quality if not better than the high priced primer I bought at Sephora.

Department Store Makeup

Recently I was running out of my Benefit face primer (it only lasted three weeks) and was on the hunt for a primer that would last longer as it was $31. I was in the department store the other day with Cooper and I were looking at all the primers and found Revlon Photo Finish Face Primer for $10.97. Cooper enjoyed this product as he can pop the lid on and off. :)

Benefit was .9oz for $31

Revlon was .75oz for $10.97

The price was triple and had less product.

Department Store Makeup1

I used the photo finish face primer and really loved how it went on. This is a product I will continue to buy and continue to save.

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