Crockpot Tomato Bisque

Friday night I had been feeling as though I was coming down with something. Cooper had been sick with a cold the last couple days and I really, really was struggling with dinner that night. I absolutely love soup and could eat soup every day of the week. My husband on the other hand loves the soups and stews I make, but if given the option of soup or steak he will choose steak. (They are a good combination together as well) So, tonight I planned on making homemade bread and my tomato bisque soup. I began the bread the previous night as it has to rise overnight. I had a really bad feeling it wasn’t going to turn out once it was fully mixed. Something about the texture made me question this bread from the beginning. I didn’t throw it out as I gave it a shot to see if it would still rise properly. The following day I went to form my loaves and it was simply not the right texture. I decided to bake it anyways and see if it was still good. Bad idea. Let me tell you, something so terribly wrong happened that I wouldn’t even try a piece once baked. It was bad, I threw it away instantly and was so bummed that now we didn’t have homemade bread for this dinner. Oh well, life happens.

What happened to the bread was I used brown rice flour verses my usual white flour. This is the ONLY thing I did different and it turned out so wrong that I must note not to use any flour other than white flour or bread flour. Who-would-a-thought. I’ve made this bread many a times without fail and it has always been a winner. NO brown rice flour next time. :)

I had hoagies on hand and lightly buttered them with garlic salt and broiled them for a few minutes. It worked in a pinch.

Crockpot Ingredients:

  • 2 can’s diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup celery diced
  • 1 cup carrots diced
  • 1 cup diced red potatoes
  • 1 cup onion diced
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 1 bay leaf
  • ½ cup flour

For the cream mixture:

  • 1 cup parmesan cheese
  • ½ cup butter
  • 2 cups half and half, warmed
  • Salt and pepper to taste

In a crockpot add chopped carrots, onions and potatoes.


Add diced tomatoes, oregano and bay leaf.

imageAdd chicken broth…


Let simmer for 4-6 hours on med-low heat.

30 minutes before serving, melt butter in a sauce pan.
imageAdd flour…

Whisk for 5-7 minutes until thickened. Slowly add 1 cup of soup broth to the flour mixture to avoid lumps.
Whisk well and add to Crockpot.

Stir well and add parmesan cheese and warmed half and half. Let simmer for 30 minutes to allow soup to thicken up.

Serve with my English-Muffin-Bread and a side salad.


On Sunday we went to church and came home and had leftovers. We had this delicious soup and made grilled cheese to dip into the bisque. It was so tasty and makes great leftovers.

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