wpid-20140227_155852.jpgEver since I was little I remember totting around the kitchen with my mama. She was my hero. Her baked goodies filling the house with the sweet aroma of many decadent sweets continued to feed my grownup dream to fill my own home with the same tasty delights one day. She knew exactly how to fill our hungry tummies when we would arrive home from school; treats on the table while the continued smell of dinner soon awaited our bellies.

I remember standing on my big girl stool as I filled the sink with bubbles and clean dishes to practice my washing. Back in those days the thought of cleaning dishes was a delight rather then a dreadful experience these days.

My dream of growing up, having my own family, and cooking and baking goods to fill my house with the sweet aroma has been achieved. The excitement of serving the tummies in the house is a joy knowing I have followed my mama’s footsteps with pride.

Cooking department you will find many family recipes passed from generation to generation, my own creations and many other wonderful recipes that have made the cut. :) Enjoy and pass them along.

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