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Are you Stuck in Neutral?

Are you left in Neutral searching for the right path to take? Are you waiting for that Message in a Bottle to come find it’s way to you? Are you waiting for that phone call for the perfect job? Are you waiting?

Christ calls us to wait, but in the midst of waiting we must pursue what we know. We will always have enough information to take steps in moving forward rather than sitting in complacently on the couch.

Don’t wait on the couch, wait while being active. Christ calls us to move ahead and press on.

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This week at Church our pastor talked about living in a state of complacency forgetting to push forward. Choosing to overlook the obstacles we face on a daily basis and keeping active should be our primary focus. If we remain complacent and focus on the obstacles we will never get around them and begin a full, healthy life in Christ. We forget how often our past controls our present failing to deal with it and move ahead. Jim (our Pastor) said “God loves working with a moving target.” Meaning, the more we are pushing ahead and trusting the Lord to provide direction, the more we move ahead and begin an extraordinary life.

I thought this was the perfect message for me this morning as I can often focus on the obstacles that lie ahead, rather then the bigger issue: “what am I doing to deepen my walk with Christ?” Sometimes I am a big planner and other times, not so much. I can fly by the seat of my pants pretty well, but sometimes I really need a schedule. When it comes to Cooper, I prefer a schedule. When it comes to traveling, I can fly by the seat of my pants. Any planning will be left to my husband as I am content just being on vacation. When it comes to our relationship with Christ, “flying by the seat of our pants” is often a good thing. God wants us to be active and pursuing His plans for our life rather than sitting on the couch hoping we will receive a letter in the mail telling us where to go.

Moment of Truth: These are my thoughts of the day for us all to soak in. Don’t remain stagnant. Christ has called us to go and make disciples. That means go, move, take action and listen for direction! What else matters in life apart from Christ? Nothing!

Moment of the Day

Oh my! Do you ever have those moments you can’t believe just happened? You do not want to tell anyone because you are embarrassed but it’s too funny to keep quiet. This is exactly what happened to me while I was standing over the toilet this morning.

We have begun the slow process of trying to gain interest in potty training with my son. He actually has absolutely no interest in his little skunk potty. I bought him this cute little potty as he thoroughly enjoys saying “ewwww” for anything and everything. I told him that skunks say “eww” when you go potty hoping this would spark a fire in him to want to begin the process. Since that hasn’t worked, I began allowing him in the bathroom when I go. (I know, the things we do as parents) We stand over the potty and say “buh-bye” potty when we flush! He loves to do this so much so, that when I tell him I have to go potty, he runs back there waving buh-bye. He also will try and flush the toilet just to watch it go around and around even when we haven’t used it.

Moment of the day-potty training

Okay, so now that I already shared more then I would prefer with you, this morning we had the same routine. I told him it’s potty time and we run into the bathroom. As we are standing over the potty waving buh-bye, he throws his hands in the toilet swirling around his little hands yelling with extreme excitement “buh-bye, buh-bye, buh-bye.” I reacted quickly but not quickly enough. This little man splashed potty water all over the floor and had quite the mess to clean up. Being the germ-a-phob that I am, I was hoping scrubbing his hands was enough to truly clean them.


Sweet baby trying to show me his teeth because he refuses to smile for me. :)

My little stinker really became a stinker today. Loving on him through the blessed moments knowing we’ve had a lot of rough moments this past month. :)

Moment of the Day

Moment of the Day:

Wishing I could blame the two chunks of Macaroni and Cheese I found entangled in my hair on my son, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. He was resting his precious little eyes while I was cleaning and eating at the same time attempting to get as much housework done in as little time as possible. I grabbed a piece of my hair to run my fingers through the ends of it out of habit, and found something wet…two pieces of mac n’ cheese had been resting themselves in my hair for approximately an hour after eating. Yuck…this hopefully eludes to the chaos of my life and the exhaustion I have been feeling. Falling asleep consistently around 8:30 at night has been my M.O. lately.

Moment of the Day


What Does it Mean to be Held

Today is Easter! Happy Easter everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the fact that Christ Died so that we could have hope for a future; a future of perfection! Please embrace the meaning of Easter and enjoy some good food with your families.

My thoughts today couldn’t have come at a better time due to the season of Christ’s resurrection!

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Losing a child is never an easy thought let alone a reality. I can’t proclaim to understand the pain parents feel when they are clinging to their child helpless as ever. I felt a small amount of this when we took my son to the hospital recently begging the Lord to “Please!! Please, keep my son alive!!” My heart felt a pain I never wish upon any parent as they travel the road of uncertainty while doctors try and figure out what is so terribly wrong with them. The monitors screaming in your ears, the labored breathing and the helpless cry begging for you, as their parent, to save them.

I experienced enough of this tragedy to pray and plead with the Lord that I outlive my children and that they come to know Him as Savior. Please be gracious to me Oh Heavenly Father and let my children live a long, healthy, blessed life.

Knowing the sad reality that I know people in my life who have lost children and my husband being the lost child of his father. His grandparents never forgave the Lord for taking their son away. The bitterness and anger that sets in is, understandable. But the lack of dealing with the problem is inexcusable.

The song “Held” by Natalie Grant came on the radio as I was driving home from a lunch date with a dear friend of mine. This song brought me to tears as I thought about the life of losing a child. I felt a deep need to share this with you all as we all suffer immense tragedy in our every day lives yet strive for normalcy. It seems as I heard this song my mind flashed through literally everyone I know as they are all suffering deep pain longing to be ‘held.’

These were my thoughts on a precious friend who experienced deep pain in losing their loved one.

“I write to you as you are being held in the arms of Jesus; sweet precious baby. You are missed by everyone who knew of you. Just one year ago you went to heaven to be with Jesus. Your mommy and daddy are going through the motions of life trying to find answers, missing you, and longing to see you one day! The longing to watch you sleep while your fingers curled around mommy’s, grasping ever so tightly. Hearing your little giggle flow from your mouth, watching you take your very first steps and wave “bye-bye” for the first time is now but a dream. Your tiny little fingers, your precious button nose, your little eyelashes that curled so perfectly are currently in perfection with our Savior Jesus Christ. You were perfect and made into complete perfection the day you met Jesus.”

The question came to mind today what does it mean to be held in the midst of pain and trials of this world? “To think that providence would take a child from it’s mother while she prays, is appalling.” The unfortunate thing is that when the fall of man occurred Christ never promised life would be easy but that He would hold us when terrible tragedy hit. We survive the pain only to realize we are loved by Christ and that’s all that really matters.

“This hand is bitterness, we want to taste it” is exactly what happened to Eve in the Garden of Eden but more importantly what happens to us everyday. We seek the pleasures and answers of this world more than we seek the face of Christ. We often hold our children and spouses above the love of Christ and come tragedy, realize the depth of our need for a Savior. When God doesn’t answer our prayers we think we are doing something terribly wrong. “Are you praying incorrectly? Are your desires not God’s desires? What could I have done differently?” All these questions swarm your mind leaving you with doubt. These questions do not need answering, God simply wants your heart and love for Him and peace will follow. I said peace will follow! That doesn’t mean sadness will be taken away, tragedy is apart of life and in the midst of tears you can grasp the peace of Christ to only have a confidence that wouldn’t come if you were not a child of God. God’s way is not our way, and we tend to lose sight of that. It doesn’t mean He wont bring healing and blessings upon you, but it will probably look entirely different than you had imagined. More often than not, this reigns true over my life; it’s never how I envisioned.

There is a WHOLE spiritual realm taking place as we speak. We often forget about this when in reality this unseen battle is fighting for your very life. There are angels fighting the very demons that are out to destroy you and kill you. The bible tells us he is out to seek, kill and destroy and that is exactly what he is doing! BUT remember in the midst of tragedy God promises nothing touches your life without passing through the hands of the Father. God is allowing your life to play out exactly how he sees fit. There needs to be a confidence within that. He knows what is best for you.

Though we can’t understand why certain things happen to people, we can have confidence that trials and tribulations come in every sense of the word and do hit everybody. As much as this seems discouraging we know our hearts are being made more like Christ; transforming us into perfection. Something we can’t obtain without Him. If you are a follower of Christ, you will face trials of many kinds because Satan absolutely hates that you believe and seek after our loving Father. Our very thoughts need to be on Christ and not ourselves while asking the hundreds of questions and guilt that plague our every move. Sometimes there are no answers and all we can do is sit in the arms of Jesus and cry.

Moment of Truth: He is right here holding you! Are you receiving His love knowing one day there will be justice? Fight the battle, and fight it well.

The angels are fighting! Praise Jesus!

Thought to Ponder

“It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you’re NOT that keeps you from achieving your goals.”

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Thought of the day

This song was on the radio this morning and im not sure who sings it but the words held in my head for a bit. “Make me lonely so I can be yours until I want no one more then you Lord. In the darkness I know you hold me.”…boy has this been utterly true. Almost too true I didnt want to face this reality.

It’s interesting that this world is so horrible at times, yet even in the midst of the pain we still pray to stay alive. But why? Wouldn’t it be easier to all quit and go to heaven and avoid all the pain? This was my thought as I slowly begin to process this past week. Even though the three of us went through it all together, I believe my fear was selfishly driven from fear of losing my son and being left behind. The tough reality in knowing that he is ultimately the Lords child is a wake up call in the midst of tragedy. This was a trusting moment as I was in the hospital pleading with the Lord to not take my son away. This was a moment of trust, a moment of insecurity, and a moment of doubt.

Do I believe the Lord will hold all things together for the good of those who love Him? To be honest I am still struggling with that thought, had he taken my son away from me I do not know how I would feel. I want to trust the Lord in every aspect of life, but when your faced with life and death, is your faith in your son or in the Lord? I pray that I never have to experience that brokenness but to simply learn to be thankful for what I have today.

Moment of Truth: I pray that I will learn through the present circumstances to be thankful for the life I have been given and the son I have been blessed with.

Afflictions of our Soul

Worldly afflictions hold the enemy near, blinding us from the freedom we have in Christ. We often enjoy the “perks” of the world only because the enemy wants us to be addicted to worldly desires to avoid having a deep relationship with Christ. Even those worldly habits of sin you created, are not only miserable long term but seem so instantaneous to make us happy at that present moment. They are addictions that leave us hungry, hungry for something more. The enemy is on the prowl using his crafty side to blind you from true freedom making you constantly strive for worldly pleasures to fulfill that freedom. Some examples that we believe make us happier: a new job, more money, drinking, drugs, food, sex, material possessions just to name a few. In all reality some of this ‘things’ do make us happy and aren’t all bad. The problem lies when we strive for those things more than we strive for freedom in Christ.

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Although some worldly pleasures are not necessarily wrong, we lose sight that God has even more in store of us that is way beyond the current pleasure. We often limit God and his ability to actually give us that freedom in Him. The battle of the mind and the battle of putting words into action are what keep us from experiencing the true freedom Christ has handed us. He is waiting for us to reach out and accept it. Are you living in the freedom or simply believing this freedom.

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Moment of Truth: Our souls long to be fulfilled and as the human nature sets out on life’s journey we are battling every day the fulfillment of our identity. Choose to put an end to the enemies desire to ruin your life, seek the Lord and find your ultimate fulfillment living a life that is EXTARORDINARY not simply ordinary.


The tough part about sitting in the family room during the day or walking around our home, is the fact that we have so many windows. I love the natural lighting and we have so much of it I rarely turn lights on during the day. Unfortunately, the down side of all the windows is the salesmen that come to your door.

Today, I was sitting on the couch while throwing a Jamberry Nail party online as a gentleman knocked on the windowed door. I peered through the window as I hid behind our luscious plant trying to keep myself concealed. He walked towards the car to view the grave in our front yard, or shall I say the ditch we have that’s large enough to be a grave. Anyway, I popped around trying to stay out of site, I didn’t recognize him and simply hide until he walked away.

As I sat back down, I knew he had to of seen me when we walked up to our house, as my back was directly in the window. I hate “hiding” but also do not open the door to strangers when I am home alone with my son.

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Knowing I was anything but hidden as the picture above displays I felt foolish yet remained in my home, not coming out. Sometimes I wonder how well we hide from life. What aspects do we wish we could run away from and hide, yet simply have no escape to truly be hidden?

I know that I sometimes wish I could hide out for a day or wish it away rather then face the events that lie ahead. Knowing that doesn’t work we still try but what exactly does this accomplish?

Although my reasons for hiding out in my house today were real, I was struck with the fact that even though our plant is large enough to hide behind, there are many gaps allowing my pink shirt to very prominently shine right on through. :)

Knowing I can’t avoid every sales person that tromps to our doorstep I do my best at “hiding” when possible. Luckily, we live in an area that’s not too high in traffic, but do get the occasional “walkers” through the neighborhood. I often wonder where they parked and what they are selling as they do not carry much of anything with them– and this gentleman had a wrench in his back pocket….maybe he thought he could be hired for the ditch out front….not too sure! We shall leave that up for speculation.

Moment of Truth: What are you hiding from today, while the world around remains watching you through the large plant not able to fully conceal you?

Moment of the Day

This was a precious little moment that simply made my day brighter!

Something about these tiny little shoes on the large floor simply made me smile as I love the spring colors and my little man who wears them. I was remembering when I was pregnant and folding the first load of baby clothes and how little the newborn outfits were. I remember my husband and I envisioning what those moments would look like once he was in the precious little clothes. Here we are now almost 2 years later and I’m still shocked when I see the little things spread out upon the floor. His cute little tootsies and chubby little fingers are the little things I rejoice in.


I am thankful for my little man and blessed to have him healthy as a horse. I couldn’t ask for a better child and a better two years with him. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him as he becomes a little toddler officially within the next three months. I am thankful and blessed that I can stay home with him and give him all the hugs and kisses he so deserves.

Thanks little Cooper for being my little baby to hold and snuggle so dear! Thanks to my amazing husband for allowing me to stay home with him as this is one of the biggest blessings I could ask for! Love you both beyond words can describe.

Thought of the Day

I heard this morning on the radio:

A negative attitude makes it extremely difficult to move in a positive direction.

This is not something new to me, but hearing it again shines light on the reality that positivity is extremely difficult to maintain when negativity breeds negativity.

Moment of Truth: take the next hour remind yourself of all the blessings in your life. Watch your attitude change for the morning. Write your blessings down on paper!