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Promotion Time


Wait what? Whose getting promoted? Aren’t you a stay at home mom?

That’s right friends. Here’s the deal, I recently updated you all about my business venture to get my husband and I fully self-employed. I still work with Jamberry Nails but have embarked on a new venture with ItWorks! Global. The more I learn, the more I absolutely LOVE this company.

Here’s what I love. I can work from home or anywhere. The company IS out for the best interest of their distributors. They seek for extreme teamwork, you’re not left to fend for yourlsef (which is amazing), they are a Christian based company, your team literally helps you AND the products give real results. If this isn’t convincing enough, keep reading.

I stumbled across this company while a friend posted about a skincare line that I gravitated towards. I primarily get all my cosmetics and skincare from Sephora. The problem here is they are EXPENSIVE and I don’t see long term results in the products. I spend outrageous amounts of money for all natural skincare that promises to give me results and they don’t. So I try new products every time I go in. When I saw my friend post about our skincare line, I was immediately excited; all natural and cheaper by far. How could I not try it out???

Well friends, that’s where my journey began. Not only did I purchase the products I became a distributor as well. I wanted to become a distributor because I see a company that promotes not just “that crazy wrap” but a whole lot of products that help you gain a healthy lifestyle. We are out for your best interests not just a quick fix lose ten pounds. The “crazy wrap” literally works miracles but that is NOT all the company is about. They have multiple products that promote healthy living from the inside out. They are natural products and they give real results. We have doctors that work specifically with ItWorks that travel around the world to find the best products out there that really do work. I’m a huge advocate for health and wellness and really believe in making the right choices for our lives. This doesn’t mean I didn’t just go eat a handful of gummy bears and thoroughly enjoy them because I did! :) This means that I live by the simple truth “Everything in moderation.”

Some people have the mindset that we are the next best diet out there, the quick fix, the “lose weight and not change your lifestyle” mentality, but we aren’t. We are not a diet company. We are not a quick fix because even though our products give real results you can counteract these results by not desiring change. What I mean by that is this: Say today you decide to eat a blueberry muffin from Starbucks and get a vente white mocha. For lunch you have Burgerville and a large fry. Dinner is homemade tater-tot casserole with ice cream for dessert. After the kiddos are in bed you decide to try the body applicator (wrap) from ItWorks. You take a before picture and 45 minutes later you remove the body wrap. Repeat this for all 4 treatments and snap your last photo. When you do a side by side comparison, your mind gets BLOWN. You see for yourself that this crazy girl really does know what she’s talking about. This is NOT water weight as  you will find in salons. This IS in fact a detox that reduces our swollen fat cells causing them to shrink. Now…didn’t I just say that this isn’t a quick fix? Yes, I did! Here’s why, even though this detox showed you first hand through the photos you took that it really does work, if you continue eating potato chips and not eating a well-balanced diet you will counteract these results. This goes for anything and that is why I live by the rule: everything in moderation. I’m not suggesting you don’t head over to Starbucks and get a white mocha or that you don’t eat Burgerville, I’m a huge fan of both of these places but not on a regular basis.

What I do find is that once you receive these results it does in fact inspire you to want to keep them which in turn is up to you on whether you want to start eating slightly more healthy foods, go for longer walks or even head to the gym. This is up to YOU. The great things is we help promote a healthy lifestyle no matter what you choose, you will see results.

I’m seeking to explain to you a company that has literally made me super ecstatic and fall in love with cheaper products then I previously paid and knowing we are helping other’s do the same. I want to invite all of you to ask me questions, challenge me and see for yourself that you also are falling in love with these products.


My goal has changed through the past few weeks from originally signing up for some awesome products, to now help my hubby pay off student loan debt, house debt and car debt. These are things we want to rid and have a more simple life. I’ve been blessed to stay at home with my little munchkin and by no means did Michael think I would ever embark on this journey but I basically told him I was. No asking! :) I knew this is what I needed to do. I want to help support him and encourage him that while he’s at work all day earning a living for us, I appreciate it. I want to be a contributor in this crazy life that is beyond materialistic and lives outside their budget by helping my husband pay down college debt that literally will take forever. He always tells me, work smarter not harder. I fully agree with this statement and found the drive within myself to live up to that challenge and help him out not just verbally support him. :) I want him to be able to be self employed and work from home, take time off when he wants and travel when we choose. These are my dreams and I can play a huge part in that. The best part is, my hubby literally supports my crazy ambition!

Check out my website at:

Want to know how to get wholesale pricing for 45% cheaper? Ask me!!!!

Interested in working for yourself and making a living that helps your family while being home with the kiddos? Ask me now!!!

Interested in hearing about our AMAZING bonuses for signing up as a distributor? Ask me now!!!

Or maybe you want to be apart of my 90 day challenge and see for yourself what products you want and what concerns you have diminish.

Message me now friends. :)

Tired of Life

Tired of Life

Exhaustion, fatigue, lazy, tired, pj’s, sleep, sweatpants, bed, pillow, blanket, backache, headache, achy and feeling sick all the time.

This is how I have felt for the past two months. I’m sick of complaining about it but most of all I’m sick of not feeling good. It is beyond discouraging. I cannot figure out how to conquer the way my body feels right now. I’ve tried working out, I’ve tried drinking coffee all day long. I’ve tried getting more sleep. I’ve had less sleep. NOTHING has worked. My body literally is worn out.

Thanks to

Thanks to

Realizing this morning that life is utterly draining and everything is meaningless–to a point. Christ created us for so much more and lately I’ve really been struck with the fact that I long for heaven. I long for heaven in a way I’ve never longed for before. We love life so much and hold so tightly to the exciting things we get to experience while here in our temporary home. We hesitate to say we are ready for heaven, but why is that? Everything we enjoy in this life will be in heaven but ten times more unimaginable than we can even dream up. We tend to portray heaven as a last resort when it should be our first priority. Heaven will be more fun than anything we could do on this earth. The beautiful scenery, waterfalls, blue beach water, sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets will all be that much more beautiful in heaven. Plus, I believe there will be more to see than what we see here on earth.

And to be completely honest, women love fashion and I will hold to it that these things we enjoy, we will also get to enjoy in heaven but will probably be piddly compared to what we believe about fashion these days. Our priorities will change completely but it’s not wrong to hope for certain things in heaven. God created pleasure and godly pleasure will not disappear. Our minds can only fathom what lies ahead. So why not take the plunge, why not yearn for heaven unlike anything we have ever yearned for. No tears, check! No heartache, check! No cancer or illness, double check!

If we learn to long for heaven, we will learn to live for heaven. What I mean is this. We will begin to make our days count. Our time spent with the kids will become more meaningful. Our date nights will be better spent communicating about things that matter rather then fighting over parenting our children. We will learn to live for heaven if we choose to long for heaven.

I look at my son in the midst of the trials of life and realize how this innocent boy is directly effected by what his parents endure. Our kids have no choice to avoid our conflict, irritation, outbreaks or sleepless nights. Our attitudes result in our response to our children. They learn by what we do, not what we say.

It makes me sick that our hardships in life influence our children on such a direct level. Resulting in an attitude change either in insecurity, emotional hardship, tantrums or for older kids, the silent treatment. Their lack of understanding results in them trying to pick up the pieces in their own way, while trying to make sense of something that was normal the day before, or maybe an hour ago. Their world gets turned upside down while we wish it didn’t touch their lives. Like it or not our attitude transfers to them. Our circumstances directly effect our children. This is the price we pay by living in a fallen world.

So, are your kids yearning for heaven? Are they talking about Christ and living a life of fullness? Probably not and you may even think I’m crazy for posing such a question. But think about it, isn’t that our purpose here on earth? If you believe this, than why wouldn’t you teach this to your children? Everything that has breath, shall praise the Lord. There’s no age limits and restrictions for making our life count for God and Him alone!


Thanks to

We need to learn to keep perspective.  We need to ask God to use us on a daily basis not only with friends and activities, but within our own home. We need to remember what this life is all about when we get caught searching for something more; something more fulfilling than the mundane of life. Though your children are simply being kids, remember that they learn by watching YOU.

So lets take it back to the basics. Life is tiring, busy, uneventful, too eventful, routine and unpredictable. When these feelings start to set in, I have to remind myself why I am a mom, wife, friend and daughter. God has a great purpose here for me and I need to be willing to take on that task. I must not let my life pass by and have no purpose or goals. Though this world is dark, scary, painful and full of fear and sickness, God will bring redemption and manifest Himself in the darkest holes of life, the holes we think no light can enter. That’s right where God is. Do you see Him? Do you feel Him? Probably not, but He gives you that strength to take your next breath and remind you that this is OUR TEMPORARY HOME. We must not feel comfortable, embrace each day and keep your face to the sky asking for God’s glory to shine on you and give you the strength you need for that very moment.

We can only see a glimpse into the bigger picture. Don’t let your broken view be skewed by the world around you.

Moment of Truth: What would it look like if you started longing for heaven and the riches of Gods glory each moment of every day while you still live in your temporary home? What would you change in your daily routine to keep Christ the fulfillment of your day?

Faith is remembering that in the kingdom of God everything is based on promise and not feeling. Rejecting the feeling of panic when things seem out of control. 

~Pamela Reeve

A Cloud Of Insecurity

A cloud of insecurity raining over my head calling me Eeyore from Winning The Pooh. Head hung low, shaking my head from side to side trying to escape what this cloud is dropping upon me.

Is life hard, kind of, but not where it was the past three years. Or maybe that’s it…maybe that’s where it all comes from. These past three years of heavy downpour, torrential downpour finally gaining suns first bright beams. A flower bud popping through the surface as if the rain has finally let up. The clouds stay low from the evening dew but still the sun shines through.


I had to post this picture as it depicts really well the gloomy rain cloud with sun shining all around.

These past 26 days have been a miracle. Truly a miracle. This has been my long awaited miracle for our family but why am I struggling to shake the weight from my shoulders? Why can’t I seem to pull myself from the covers in the morning that rest upon me allowing me to escape for a few hours. The sound of pessimism begins to fill my mind with things that do-not-matter.

I’ve prayed, fasted, yearned, pleaded and cried out to God on my face many times and God finally looked down upon me and showed His glory; He choose to lift my rain cloud and bless my family eternally. Though this miracle has eternal ramifications, our worldly hope and despair still press upon us leaving me feeling conquered but with Hope. Let me say that again, the hope of God with the weight of the worldly sin still pressed strongly upon me. God is present though we live in a sinful world. God doesn’t necessarily take circumstances away but shines through the circumstances producing a humble heart ready to glorify God no matter the pain. We long for God the most, in the midst of our “shattered dreams.”

Doubt. Fear. Insecurity. Rage. Pride. Anxiety. These all still reign in my head. How do I release the struggle of my flesh when I finally received this long awaited miracle after three long years of seeking God’s face?  I’m beginning to understand, though 26 days later, that this rain cloud following me around is a rain cloud of repair. Repairing my soul, my trust and my hope. Putting the pieces back together of insecurity and doubt. Forcing me to go that extra step saying “God, I still trust You. Though my three years of misery are coming to an end, I will still trust in the next three years ahead!” These are the new giants in my life, I need to accept them for they will make me stronger still.

I’ve prayed only a few times in life that the Lord do whatever it takes to bring my long awaited miracle. The fear and dread of praying that also plagued me. “Do you know what you could be asking for?” “Do you know what Job went through?” “Do you really want to release that question and battle the consequences? Boy you think you got it bad now, well that prayer will make it get 10x’s worse.” These are question I had to face when I finally got to the end of myself pleading with the Lord. Fine, take it all as long as you fulfill Your promise.

I will be honest, I was scared to death but more scared to not pray it. At that particular point in my life, I knew I had no option but to pray this prayer and earnestly await the response. Was the response easy, by no means, but was God glorified through it, absolutely. What Satan intends for evil, God turns around and turns to good. God be glorified!

The battle raged and is still raging, though I feel the presence of not only the Holy Spirit but the Angels surrounding my family with their swords fighting the unseen battle. I feel it and can truly sense the deep dark battle fighting for my life. I know it’s there and it is a continual reminder that God is faithful! God is who He says He is. Though my life may pass me by, I cling to the Father up above as that is the only thing that satisfies and fulfills my soul. Nothing else matters!

My husband and I have both come to the end result that nothing matters. Say it with me “nothing matters.” What a release from bondage and security to truly believe nothing else matters. The King of the universe has conquered evil and reigns on high. Amen. My rain cloud is simply that, a rain cloud. It wont last forever, it sees sunny days and gloomy days and both are okay. God is growing me in the midst of what I call life. Life is anything and everything of what I ever had pictured the past 28 years of my life and I am thankful. Though it may be utterly painful at times, those are the times I see God move and bring me closer to Him.

These next 26 days will be an adventure. I use that word because past circumstances do not simply disappear. They can diminish and eventually the fire will be put out, but through knowing Christ and experiencing our shattered dreams that bring us closer to Him, we still have to go through the trenches while we live in this sinful world. Putting the pieces back together as when Humpty Dumpty fell to the ground and shattered to a million pieces. Who is the one that could perfectly heal Humpty? Christ. And that is right where we need to be; a malleable heart seeking the face of God.

When we begin to scratch the surface of who God is even in the midst of our shattered dreams, we can hold our rain cloud high to the sky and know God is there with us and wants the best for us. We can learn more about ourselves and more about who Christ has made us to be in Him.

I love my family, love my friends, long for fellowship, long to know Christ more and to share Him with the world on a very honest level. But most of all, most of all, I yearn for heaven. I never yearned for heaven as I do now. Not in a way that I’m hating life and suicidal, but in a way that I hate the evil of this world and want to share Christ with everyone and head to heaven holding hands with my family and enter into the real world. The world without pain, tears and sorrow. The world I can share peacefully with my family and truly know and understand what it means to experience unconditional love. A love so pure that even with my own family I have the tiniest glimpse in comparison to heaven. I can’t fathom a love so pure. Having a family is the closest I can get to feeling this accomplishment on this side of heaven.

So friends, my shattered dreams may appear shattered but in all reality they are perfection. God’s perfection. He turns ashes into beauty, literally beauty and I am blessed. Things I never thought could happen in a million years literally has already happened in my 26 days of a miracle. Praise God for His Son and praise God for His faithfulness.

Lets Talk Fly Larvae

Seriously, have any of you heard of FLY LARVAE before? I have had no concept of fly larvae– until today that is. But I do deeply wish I was still naive and had no concept of what I am about to share with all of you.

So take my hand as we travel this dark road together.

First, lets start by talking about the nasty outbreaks around MY home. Yes, I have purposely failed to mention this prior to now as I did not want to be perceived as a dirty, grungy ol’ housewife. To my knowledge, our house is pretty clean. I feel I do the best to keep a good deep clean on a weekly basis.

Mopping, bathrooms, vacuuming daily, dusting, sweeping, laundry, folding clothes etc. But it’s the little 2 year old whose sleeping in the next room right now that may not help keep things ever so clean. The crumbs here, the crumbs there. Spilt milk here, dried oatmeal there. Okay so I try my darnedest to keep the house spotless even with him running around and do not always have 100% success.

With that in mind, I arrived home one afternoon and was greeted by these nasty creatures directly outside of our door. Hundreds covering the ground and “welcome” mat. I freaked out and jumped over them to get inside and quickly slam the door behind me. “Ew ew ew” I screamed as Cooper was hoping up and down as if I was the latest and greatest mom ever and screaming right along with me “ew ew ew.”

Immediately I call our pest control company (who by the way is ECO friendly for the little ones). About an hour later I creep my way outside to toss a dirty diaper and hundreds, seriously hundreds had covered our entire green garbage can. Deeply appalled by the lack of green showing, I rush back in the house skipping and hoping over what could be the worlds nastiest unknown creature and begin to spring clean my house. Literally deep cleaning! It was as if the dried oatmeal-spilt milk scenario began to haunt me and make me feel like a failure of a mother for missing the crumbs on the dark floor that blend in so well. The crumbs brought upon this “maggot” crisis and now I just failed my one duty as a housewife.

My worst case secnario moment played rapidly through my brain and I began to envision these creatures taking over my home and sleeping in bed with us and hiding in our food. Crunch!


Okay so yay for my nightmare not coming true but only in my head. And yay for them remaining outside….for the moment (apart from the 5 I found on our carpet and wood floor).

Anyway, lets not get distracted here…

Unbeknownst to me, these creatures were seen previously this week at another neighbors house in their garage. Our pest guy proceeded to tell me he’s never seen so many of these creatures before, until now. Lucky me!

What causes them and what are they you may ask? The are fly larvae (it must be mating season).

Did you even know such a thing existed because I sure as heck didn’t. He said the front door made absolutely no sense to him but the garbage can definitely answered some questions. Flies love garbage. They hatched their nasty little eggs and he tried to calm my soul by saying most of them do not make it out alive. Well they sure did make it far enough to our door before they all died off. Which is not so calming!

Let me share a little something with you. They have the GROSSEST bodies and mouths ever. They have no head, it’s an open hole that squirms and flops around. It is so disgusting and quite frankly, I did not want to deal with this situation.

Have I turned your stomach yet? I hope so because honestly, this was not an experience I wanted to partake in on my own. So I hope you are having fun on this journey with me :)

Okay one last horrific picture and than I’m done, I promise!


Isn’t it pretty?

Tell me, just what would you do if you found hundreds of these on your wood floor or carpet? Okay, now tell me what you would do coming home to hundreds of them at your front door to greet you??

It’s definitely not a pleasant picture and I still squirm even sharing this information with you.

I hope you all enjoyed my story and come back again tomorrow for another juicy, squirmy conversation on the popping sound they make when you squish them. ;)

Okay we wont get into that, I promise the grossness is done…. for now anyway ;)

Sleep tight my friends, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

You Know Mama Needs A Break When…..

You Know Mama Needs A Break When…..

Mama needs a break when….

Your son not only lays toys on the dishwasher with sharp objects but displays his entire weight upon the lid as well… (luckily it didn’t break)


You know mama needs a break when…

Your 2 year old is allowed to play with razor sharp nail scissors.


“How come she’s not yelling at me?”

You know mama needs a break when…

Multiple sharp objects are spread across the floor giving your son multiple options to hurt himself…

…and I do nothing to stop him!

Sometimes we all have days where we let our kids do anything and everything to simply stay happy. This day unfortunately brought about lots of sharp objects. He repeatedly said “ouchie, ouchie” and continued to play with them while I smiled down upon my child as if he just said his first word.

A Moment For Me???

How easy is it for a mom to get a moment of free time for herself? I’m not too sure about all of you ladies out there, but my song and dance is never alone. The countless showers, bathroom breaks and pulling on my finger to come outside and play is never-ending. Your ears never get a break, your souls never gets to rest, and your eyes are droopy looking like you have an illness taking over your body when really it’s just the disease called “exhaustion” while toothpicks prop your eyes open on a too regular basis.


The only “alone” time I get is while my husband snores next to me and my son is sleeping. This is the time Pinterest becomes appealing, Twitter exciting and Facebook stocking. My wonderful phone carrier for some reason does NOT work while laying perfectly still in a funky position in bed hoping for something enticing to pop up on the screen. Just than the thoughts runs across my brain, “maybe you shouldn’t be looking at smut magazines, maybe you should be reading your Bible?” The guilt plagues deep in my soul opting for a chance to possibly open the bible app on my now “no service” phone. Waiting and waiting and still no response. Even with my luck, Ecclesiastes will not revive my soul.

Anticipating that moment of “me” time before my husband rolls over and the light of the cell phone displays across his face attempting to wake him up. Or the sleepy head in the next room rolling over only to have his pacifier fall on the floor abruptly waking his little soul.

This “me” time is longing to be met while my phone decides to hold not an ounce of reception. I look forward to my 15 minutes of fame every night while laying as quiet as a bug in-a-rug to get my latest fashion update or keeping up with the Kardashians newest marriage fail. But even though this hopeless dream excites me every night yet continually lets me down, I continue to be persistent. Its almost as if maybe the world will turn just enough on the earths axle that as I lay my head to rest tonight, maybe, just maybe I will get some hope from my Pinterest app.  And if this dream does get fulfilled, I know I am that much closer to the cancer causing cell phone towers and ever so grateful that my “alone” time was successful.

Though I haven’t fully accepted this outcome, I know my body is appreciating the extra 30 minutes to an hour Pinterest easily consumes. The meaningless minutes float away ever so quickly only leaving you more exhausted the following day. Yet I still persist and fight to overcome the losing battle of cellphone reception.


But though my luck wouldn’t render this joyous time for myself, I will keep trying every night as the screen lights up, the app attempts to open and as my hopes become disappointments. I will rest peacefully knowing those two minutes, although discouraging, were still two minutes of “me” time.


Insecurity and Doubt

Have you ever had a moment where you quickly judged a stranger and immediately found yourself not liking them? You have no basis for this, but you tend to quickly judge someone for their fashion, or lack there of. Or quickly call someone a jerk because they cut you off in traffic. Maybe this person was at the park with their kids and let their child steal a toy from yours. Do you find yourself judging the “unlovable?”

I completely found myself in the midst of my own insecurity while judging this gal at Starbucks earlier this week with my son. I found myself to be a frumpy ol’ housewife with no sense of fashion. This gal mind you, was on a lunch break in a skirt and heels while I on the other hand was having a cleaning day at home with workout clothes and tennis shoes. No need to get all dressed up to clean the house and weed my garden right? But in the same breath, I thought to myself how I must go home and shower immediately and get all dressed up to feel better about myself. But for what? I wasn’t going anywhere that day and this gal would not ever see me again. So why was I having these thoughts creep into my mind making me believe I am less of a person because I am in workout clothes and not all done up?


Insecurity chose to take root for a few minutes and I let it. The thoughts distracted me from my son while we were on a mommy-son date getting treats together and watching all the cars, trucks and motorcycles speed by. My thoughts were not on him and what he was excited about while eating his little treat and speaking with his vast vocabulary. My poor baby was not the main priority until I finally realized my thoughts were not on heavenly things but on worldly distractions; comparing what I thought to be, my self-worth.

How often do you find yourself daydreaming of things that are not reality? Be sure to not let those things become a priority in your mind “while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18) I’ve been reading 2 Corinthians this past week and while it’s easy to let our thoughts travel around, I realized that we are warned over and over to keep our eyes on Christ. This warning comes multiple times as a clear reminder that we are easily distracted from the bigger purpose.

Today, my purpose was not a purpose of discouragement, comparison, doubt or worthlessness but a purpose of things God has prepared for me on a daily basis. It took going down this rabbit trail to be reminded of what my purpose really was, rather then the lies I was choosing to believe. God has created a beautiful world around me full of life, His life. Yet I choose to believe a lie, a lie that if I allowed to take root, would lead to destruction.

Things I need to be reminded of: God has laid before me a beautiful scenery in my own backyard. A beautiful son filling my heart with joy. A husband and best friend whom I love dearly and share my life with. A home filled with comfort and joy. And most of all, Christ has filled me with His love and I simply choose on a minute by minute basis to receive it. And this my friends is our hope; Christ knows every step of the journey until we go home, home to heaven. 


Moment of Truth: Christ calls us not to judge. We were not granted the sword to cut down and destroy but we often do so leaving our souls bared to those around us. They will often know what we are against rather than what we are for when we choose to pick up our sword of defense. I partook in this destructive action today and was  left feeling sad and more so embarrassed. I judged a heart I know nothing about and all due to my own insecurity. Lord, keep my heart pure and my motives for You alone.

Is Life Delightfully Doable?

I was thinking about the name of my website today and how my caption below says “finding doable ways to delight in life’s circumstances.” I was also realizing how I’m the author and creator of my blog, which means I can share with you whatever I choose and also withhold from you just the same. I want everyone to know life has been anything but easy for me and that, in and of itself, is exactly why I started this website. My goal and desire is for those reading to gain hope while understanding life is not easy, but God did promise us a future hope and peace along the way. We can choose to delight in life, no matter the circumstance. Friends I am living proof of this and it is only by the grace of God, that I can do so.

I’ve spoke on forgiveness a few different times and have explained that the essence of forgiveness is not a feeling but a choice. If we can gain that acceptance, we will be better off. Same goes with life. The more you focus on the bad and the negative, the more your heart will become resentful and pessimistic. Choose to delight in life’s ups and downs and learn along the way. We will never be in a trial longer than it takes to learn the deep rooted issues God is asking us to obtain on a heart level; not a mind level. Knowing and doing are two entirely different concepts and have two entirely different outcomes.

My life as of the past two years has been extremely challenging. Well, let me go back a little further in history. My life has been challenging for years, but since I came to Christ, I’ve struggled more on a Spiritual level fighting against my flesh. My relationship with my husband has been very exhausting as we hadn’t really known one another when we got pregnant. We got married and two months later we had our precious little blessing. With that comes immense hardship. I see God working all things together for good, for those who love Him. But on the same hand, I see the consequences of my sin, living in sin and having a baby out of wedlock still has deep rooted effects on our marriage. Sometimes I get so angry, but than I realize God is taking my sin and turning it for good. It was my choice to live the lifestyle I had previously known and it’s also my responsibility to accept the consequences.

Thanks to

Thanks to

Moment of Truth: Within those tough trials and those tough seasons of life, I am continually reminding myself to delight in life’s circumstances as it will mold me and make me into a happier, thankful person.


My Growing Garden

My garden IS growing. I’m so happy. Watching piles of dirt being hauled away, to the roots and weeds over taking a large space. Clearing the space to only bury some seeds below ground in hopes something will occur.

Finally, not only are blossoms on my tomatoes and my seeds sprouted and growing wildly, but we got garden mulch to finish the look and bring everything together so beautifully.

I can’t explain the immense joy I take from watching my garden grow. From seeds to branches, it’s so fun to see that this is something I started from the ground up (literally)!

My green beans are the only seeds I soaked for 24 hours before planting. By doing so, I noticed an incredible difference in growth. They grew quickly and abundantly.

Green Beans

Green Beans

My cilantro is doing way better in the ground than the potted cilantro.



My squash not only has grown but is forming it’s leaves for production. :)



I planted watermelon a little bit later than the rest, it popped through within 3 days.



Kale was one of the first ones I planted. It’s growing quite well. I can’t wait for it to begin producing and feeding our bellies.



I also planted radishes, carrots, green bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Cucumbers are the only ones that did not survive. I will be attempting again this week as nothing tastes as good as a fresh cucumber. I bought the pre-started plant rather then starting from seeds as I was skeptical of whether I would receive an wealth from my garden. I will buy all produce in seeds next year.

IMG_4653 - Copy

I’ve become addicted to my garden. :)


Timeliness is everywhere in life. We try and get to work on time, church, bible study, kids sporting activities, dinner dates, play dates, piano recitals, so on and so forth. Everything revolves around time. I’ve come to realize as I have just passed my second anniversary and am coming up on my sons 2nd birthday that life does not slow down. Do I want to be controlled by time or do I want to control the time I have?

How do we feel accomplished in our day? Do we lay our heads on our pillow at night feeling we didn’t quite get everything done that we had hoped or anticipated we would? What was on your list that you wish you could have accomplished? Was it worthwhile? Was it beneficial to your family and your soul, or was is an activity that we make important in our households that may not necessarily be that important?

These are questions that have filled my mind as of recent since the whirlwind began a month ago. The chaos of my day as of recent has been filled with three tiny souls longing to be loved and taught to love. The important things such as making my bed in the morning has taken a backseat. Washing every dish in the sink and vacuuming the floor has become less than an hourly or daily chore. My cleanliness obsession has begun to take a reality check as chasing three kids around doesn’t accomplish this task. Picking what really matters on a daily basis has become the new normal for me. Realizing it’s almost impossible to get anywhere early but roughly right on time or 5 minutes late; I’ve got this down to a science.


Realizing my life has taken a turn of utter chaos not all good and not all bad, has brought to my attention as I can’t believe this year has already brought us to the 5th month of 2014. I feel like we just got through the holidays and found out my mother-in-law was sick. Here we are in May and my son is almost 2 years old. Wondering where the time went and where it continues to still go baffles me beyond belief. The only thing I can stop and do is be thankful for the day I am in. This hasn’t been an easy concept for me, but the older I get, the longer I am married, and the older my son gets makes me realize time only goes faster, not slower. I want to relish in the day I am currently in and find the blessings in the tough days I wish I could sleep away.

As my son reaches his second birthday and we just passed our second anniversary I can humbly say, I’ve learned a lot in 2 full years. This is no understatement. Those of you who know me, know the struggles our family has faced and have been there to love and care for us through the process. Knowing God is doing a mighty work is extremely encouraging even when the hardship seems to cloud the work God is doing. I heard it once said, “It takes failure to bring success!” This caught my attention and made me realize we would never grow if we didn’t face hard circumstances in life forcing uncomfortability. As much as I want the extraordinary life, it also requires trials to bring perseverance which brings about a deeper relationship with Christ. We can’t get there without learning along the way.

My goal is to bring glory to God and be a blessing to my family. I want the world to know there is a happiness and peace that comes from trials knowing God is holding my hand along the way. The world would like to keep us blind to real happiness and often they succeed. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane of life and allow petty things to dictate our accomplishments of the day. I know there are many times I lay my head to rest running down my mental checklist of what I got done and need to do the following day. These are not important tasks. After losing my mother-in-law, being reminded that all of her accomplishments in her career were nothing that lasted. They fall away but her soul remains. Nothing in her life that was career driven, self driven or for worldly pleasure went with her when she passed. The moment she took her last breath at 60 years old, none of that was important. Her soul, heart and mind is ALL that mattered.

Moment of Truth: What are you striving for in life? Is it worthwhile? Will it last for eternity or is it temporary? Strive to be more than this world has to offer.