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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all your wonderful mother’s out there! It is not an easy task but a very rewarding task. You have and will be blessed for your hard work in loving and training your little munchkins even once they are all grown up.

Thank you to my mama, who has been the best mother I could ask for and my best friend! I love the relationship we have and am excited for years to come!

I’m thankful for the knowledge I’ve received in how to be a mama myself and to love unconditionally!

Thank you for being the most amazing Grammy (grandparent) a grandchild could ask for. You spoil, love and care for their tender little souls!

~Thank you!

Happy Mother’s Day and I love you dearly!

Be Thankful Even in the Little Things

It’s the little things that often catch my attention the most, the little things that keep my perspective fresh and full of abundance. The little things that make me yearn for more of life’s blessings rather than dwelling in the dirty waters that seem to fill my day.

This morning as I was driving my tired soul to church, I was stopped at a red light observing what was currently taking place in the sidewalk ahead of me. I saw a blind man walking across the street with a walking stick to help him avoid any bumps along the way. I was beyond surprised by his confidence in walking through a popular intersection without hesitation.

This scene took me aback and made me contemplate his reality. He’s blind, must proceed with life, and can’t wait around for someone to always help him. He was confident, successful and what appeared to me, to be thankful he could get out and about.  Why do we take our sight and hearing for granted? I know I do, I do not think that my sight may be taken from me or that I may never hear again. I can’t imagine the obstacles in life you are faced with simply by these two things we forget we’ve been blessed with.

Thanks to

Thanks to

This simply moment brought me to thankfulness while my son clearly sees many exciting features outside of his window that he continually points out. He constantly talks and responds to my questions showing his little ears hear and hear so well. This was a great moment to remember it’s the little things that are the biggest blessings.

Moment of Truth: As you walk throughout your day, practice being thankful for the little things you have been blessed with. Thankfulness lifts you above your current circumstances blessing you with a fresh perspective.


My husband and I have Netflix and have been into documentaries lately. We have watched many documentaries on 9/11, history, crime, food, sports and drugs. Today was on meth and the deadly poison in which this drug is. While watching this documentary I got sick to my stomach with how incredibly sad this drug has become and how popular it is. What takes place in our society is actually fascinating to me, but also scary how we truly don’t have a clue what goes on in our own cities; the cries for help are on our street corners. The search for something greater. Sometimes we live in our own little bubble and are naïve to what’s actually taking place down the street from us.

Some interesting facts: This drug actually keeps you high up to 12 hours for one single hit. Portland, OR is the number one capitol in the US. Bangkok actually fuels sex trafficking as the more meth consumed the more women allow their bodies to be used to gain more money enabling this vicious cycle. Gas and lithium from batteries are just a couple ingredients that are clearly poison to the average person. Meth tricks your brain and gives an illusion of power that is unstoppable and hallucinations begin; this is where crime rates rocket. In Portland alone 85% of crime comes from meth addicts. 1 in 4 inmates in our local jails are meth addicts. 90% of users relapse as it is beyond addictive and almost impossible to maintain a ‘normal’ life after rehab. These are only a couple statistics that I encountered while watching this documentary.

What kept running through my mind while watching this terrifying video was how evil drugs and alcohol truly are. Unfortunately we don’t see all the tell tale signs when interacting with someone currently on a high, the longer they use it the clearer the signs become. Dispatch calls showed that conversations simply don’t make sense when under the influence. My mind cannot wrap itself around the evil that prevails by taking drugs and alcohol to help ‘escape reality.’ My frustration is how people want to live in a euphoric state and escape their life simply by partaking in this act for social acceptance. Most cases begin in teen parties being told there is a power you will gain by taking this drug and how exciting it is and 99% of them end up addicts later on in life.

Evil seeps in and wins through many of these tragedies. Drugs and alcohol are the new norm. Alcohol especially seems to sneak in in so many hidden ways. Happy hours become a usual basis after work, a glass of wine at night to relax from the stressful day, smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes or simply feeling good and so on and so forth. Growing marijuana is entirely acceptable; these conversations about drugs are portrayed entirely nonchalant and 100% acceptable but why? These are all incredibly dangerous and the very essence of all of them are to relax which leads to escaping life and the power within them is beyond captivating. Lives destroyed, families broken and ultimately death knocking at your door.

Evil is everywhere and I know I’ve talked about this many times but it seeps in in subtle ways as alcohol seeming to be an innocent drink for casual fun that leads into wanting more and ends with poor decisions and often becoming an addict. Satan literally knows how to distract us from living a fulfilling life.  Believing that a simple drink or drug will change your life for the better and move you to the top of the food chain becoming independently wealthy and having all the material possessions you could possibly desire is the lie of meth. The logic simply doesn’t make sense. If you believe in God and the devil, do you honestly think that Satan wont interfere with your decisions when consuming one of these drugs? How many times do you hear people mention the good decisions they made while under the influence? Yes, there is the casual drink that many people can have without crossing that line but where is that line drawn? Whose to say that limits aren’t crossed more often than not? Why wouldn’t they be, realistically the point is to feel better, so what gives the motivation to stop drinking or doing drugs as you feel good. Maybe the line should never have been started. I believe that there are a lot of things in life that are not meant to harm us that end up doing that exact thing.

As you’ve seen many times my passion come out within these so called pleasures of life. I will not and do not agree with escaping life and calling this pleasure. I’ve seen too much damage come from these ‘evil escapes’ and it’s not worth losing your life over them. I’ve seen the damage occur within the lives around me and it simply isn’t worth it. The reality is social acceptance has warped our perspective and opinion on what used to be less talked about to now being looked down upon if you aren’t partaking in them. More so alcohol depending on who and where you walk.

This video showed multiple stories of first time meth users that ended their lives the very first night partaking in this dangerous drug. This simply states the power these drugs have over our body. When this occurs we are allowing the enemy to enter in without choice, taking us to lengths that even meth users would say never thought was possible. I used to think a glass of wine wasn’t wrong, but now I simply do not agree with it for many reasons. One of them being the simple fact that the only point of alcohol is for no purpose other than to take an edge off. Call it what you want, but alcohol is a drink that people drink so that they can be more relaxed, social, talkative and bold. For some reason tea and soda wont suffice. I found justification comes a lot with this drink. Every commercial promotes alcohol and sex. The legal fight to get liquor in grocery stores. Marijuana now being justified for health purposes, people who grow the drug for an income, the fight to get marijuana legalized, so on and so forth. Justification reigns so prevalently. Now let me say I live in Oregon which is the drug capital of the US so maybe I see it more prevalently then most people. Either way, our hippie city is losing the professional aspect and becoming overly complacent with far too many things. Don’t we have more things of concern than the routine fights for legalizing these drugs? How do we become so blind that disagreeing with this topic is beyond shocking to some of you!

Moment of Truth: We have one shot at life, don’t waste it. I’m not suggesting that everyone out there shouldn’t touch alcohol but I challenge each and every one of you to search truthfully deep within yourself what having that glass of alcohol does for you. What is the point if you believe you are not escaping something or trying to relax? Ponder the thought that tea, water, soda and juice don’t replace this drink and ask yourself why? Ask yourself the questions and truly search for what the ultimate benefit is for you to partake in this socially acceptable drink. Reach out and talk to people who have struggled with substance abuse and put the shoe on the other foot. There are so many laws in place to try and prevent us from crossing the line but it’s such a fine line that laws have to be in place. If it wasn’t harmful we wouldn’t have these laws. If you feel justification coming on, pick up your Bible and ask God to search your heart and give you the answers for you individually before the Lord. Don’t let the little lies become a life waster.

Baby Weight Gain

This morning on Good Morning America there was a clip about Alyssa Milano and her weight gain of 55 pounds during her pregnancy. She was bashed by comedian Jay Mohr expressing that she “just doesn’t care.” He used some profanity while sharing his “feelings?” He did apologize later when Alyssa addressed him about it and said he went too far. But whose to judge and why do people do it? We are out to make ourselves “feel better” and more empowered.

This drives me to the brink of insanity especially coming from a man. No man could handle a pregnancy; gaining weight, mood changes, exhaustion, back pain, and nausea. Oh and a little thing called labor which requires a women to push a baby into the arms of their doctor. There are many times I do wish men could experience what we go through as they will never gain a full understanding on what it takes to create a little baby; a life is created.

There is a massive disconnect when it comes to pregnancy, unfortunately men simply can’t understand what takes place. Even though men can’t full gain knowledge over this circumstance, they still can support and watch the transition through 9 months of what the human body experiences. My husband was great! He couldn’t feel my pain, my nausea or my utter exhaustion but he was able to support me and take care of me while I journeyed through the unknown path called pregnancy.

All this to say, some people gain an immense amount of weight while others only gain baby weight. What does it matter? In the big scheme of things the most important factor should be caring for your unborn child by being healthy. It’s really hard work to grow a baby and to stop cravings. They say the exhaustion that occurs is equivalent to running a marathon. Being healthy is the most important part to growing a baby but there is also that fine line of gaining too little or not enough. How dare a man judge a women when they haven’t lost all their baby weight the day after delivery. They say it takes the same amount of time to lose the weight as it took to gain the weight. I really feel for the women in the media who are particularly judged because they are supposed to be anorexic and how dare they have a baby and not bounce back immediately.

Jessica Simpson was also in the spotlight for her weight gain. She has the best attitude and knows she has curves. She had curves when she was tiny in Dukes of Hazard and still has curves as a mama. I honestly believe women who don’t bounce back immediately like Kim Kardashian are real and show the world they are no different than us. We all have struggles and it’s entirely unfair for us to post judgment on a celebrity because they are famous.

Until a man can experience pregnancy and child labor they have no right to place judgment on women for their job at creating life and the transition our body goes through to create this miracle. It’s completely unjust for these women to be in the spotlight for weight gain. These women are real women who have feelings and are not exempt from struggles of life because they are celebrities.

There’s my rant of the day! :) I really struggle with media and that’s why I don’t read about it through magazines or watch much television. I can’t handle the gossip.


Christmas Extravaganza

Christmas decorating, shopping, chopping down Christmas tree and Seattle bliss…

I wanted to share a few pictures with ya’ll as the Christmas Extravaganza has been in full bloom lately.

Starbucks is always in line with our walking….


Downtown Seattle

Big boy wanting to walk the streets of Seattle rather than “stroll” the seats in stroller.. :)


Stud Muffin


Christmas Tree lighting in Pikes Place


Wish list???


He did incredible at dinner…

…maybe because he could NOT stop looking at the beautiful girl a couple years old across the way…??


Pretty clean cut I must say…thanks to the hubby!

20131129_110005-1Independent little man enjoyed our festive weekend.

Pop music

All the commotion and talk about Miley Cyrus is beyond me. I understand her videos are a cry for help and outlandish. It actually breaks my heart. I heard one of her songs on the radio today “Wrecking Ball” and a couple emotions came up.

First, she is so young she shouldn’t even be writing songs about heartache; she is merely a child. Second, her outfits or lack there of, are absurd and a massive cry for help. The unfortunate thing is she actually has a beautiful voice when you simply listen to it without all the other distractions. I picture myself and if that were my daughter; barely 20, broken, talented beyond belief and yet this is the path she’s headed down, I would do anything in my power to help guide her in another direction. We have so many of our young girls idolizing these popstars thinking this is life, they want to be just like them. What are we doing to help instill in our children that that life isn’t reality.

All of these young stars have a few good years of fame and then it seems to hit them, they don’t know how to handle it,  they are trying to grow up thinking they already have and are beyond confused, they don’t know who they are as society tries to tell them who they ought to be.

They are getting attention but not the kind I believe they truly want. The criticism only makes their response more outlandish with a deeper longing to be accepted. Britney Spears for example shaved her head because her personal life became the entire world’s problem. Honestly, I don’t think she was crazy like society assumed;  I think society and media bring people to such lengths. They have a standard they have to live up to because they are always in the public eye. The problem: THIS ISN’T REALITY.

I wish media would stop giving Miley Cirus the attention she is looking for. Her attention should only come from her music and her manager and parents should help instigate this. I’ve noticed the people you see less in the media use their acting career as their job not as their life. The same goes for music artists; they don’t draw attention to themselves through other distractions but simply their passion to sing.

Moment of truth: lets join together and teach our kids that they don’t have to starve for attention to be idolized, rich or famous; they are accepted for who they are. We must teach them this. Kids are struggling to grow up and find a place in this world but it needs to stem from their parents instilling their self worth from a young age.

School Bullying

School Bullying

Please watch the video above before reading.

Yesterday morning on GMA there was this touching story on this little brothers deep desire to stop his twin sister from being bullied at school. He wrote an early letter to santa begging for his sister to be happy again. The poor little girl said she doesn’t know why she is being bullied but that she feels as if she were to die, everyone else would be happier. This broke her mother’s heart and she immediately said she would do anything to protect her and keep her happy. This is a mother’s greatest fear!!!

After I saw this, I couldn’t help but shed some tears. Ever since I had my own precious child, I can’t watch things without crying; stories like this are so real and literally break my heart. I beg for parents to teach their kids respect and love. They need to honor their peers and walk along side students who may appear different than them. This starts in the home. Parents are the ones to blame for the lack of respect and bullying in kids. I see on the news all the time “trying to stop bulling” but you can’t stop it when the parents are the ones teaching them that kids aren’t good enough, not cool enough, overweight, socially awkward and so forth. We wouldn’t have these issues if parents told their kids how to be nice and respectful to other people. People are in all different shapes and sizes, personalities, introvert and extravert; all of these are what makes the world go around. If we didn’t have differences we’d all be robots. Every person is unique and precious in their own way. We MUST stress this to our children and it must begin in the HOME.

This is something that a mother never wants to go through. I never want my child to be bullied and struggle through childhood being embarrassed and not wanting to go to school. Heart wrenching. I also do not want my child to be a bully; I would be mortified if my child bullied because there’s a poor innocent child suffering and losing any self confidence that may have existed previously, and secondly, it’s a reflection on us as parents not doing our job. I agree 100% that bullying has got to stop, but the parents are the ones that have to step in take control of bullying. I have seen parents use their kids to show off, ‘one-up’ another family, be the highly looked upon family in school, have the most athletic child, drive the most expensive car and so forth. It’s absolutely absurd how parents aren’t confident in their own lives and now this is reflecting on their kids and teaching them at a very young age that everyone else is below them. Reality check, you have got to work for what you have. Kids do not need financial and material things passed down to them; they need to experience what hard work truly is. They need to work for themselves and learn how to appreciate what they have. Now I’m not saying, don’t buy your child an iPad or a cell phone, what I am saying is what age are we allowing this, and what are they doing to earn these items. There is always a balance.


September 11th

This morning is September 11th. I can’t believe it’s already been 12 years since the terrorist attacks, yet at the same time for those families it’s probably been a very hard, long 12 years. I saw on the news the president and vice president at the white house holding the moment of silence and reading off every name of those who passed in this tragic event. Very sad, but what a great reminder. I figure we have a lot to complain about with our country and the way our government runs certain things, but when you think about tragedy we have a lot to be thankful for as well. I don’t always agree with the governments choices, but at the same time, I am not in their shoes and it’s just a few people running millions of people; you will get strife no matter what you do. Take a moment and be thankful for our country in which we live.



My husband and I were at a wedding a couple hours from home up near Mt Hood, OR. It was absolutely a beautiful location with Mt Hood in the background and so peaceful. On our drive back we had Mt Rainier across the river and Mt Hood behind us. Couldn’t ask for me, although I may happen to believe if you had this view everyday you would start to take it for granted.

Anyway, on our drive back Cooper fell asleep like a peaceful little man in the backseat as my husband and I enjoyed a peaceful drive home discussing life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Ok, not really but kind of. Our drive was full of a beautiful sunset as we followed the river home.

Take a peek…

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Today we were headed out to the ocean while we encountered an accident that held us up for roughly 20 minutes. A little farther along we hit stopped traffic headed to Cannon Beach. We immediately made the decision to turn towards Tillamook as if we kept going than our options wouldn’t be there. We simply wanted a day to take our son to play in the sand for his first time. It’s Labor Day weekend and since most people leave for the weekend we thought Saturday we would be safe for traveling. Our beach trip turned into an adventure exploring new places we have never been before. We went to the Cheese Factory which was really fun for us as I learned that “Viola” actually is pronounced “why-la” as I was reading about the process of cheese I made a verbal assumption of pronouncing “viola” as it looks. My husband corrected me and then hysterically started laughing which in turn made me cry of laughter. We got quite the kick out of this as there were crowds of people to oversee this scenario.


I guess it is true you learn something new every day. Although this one was pretty funny as I was reading the words my head wanted to read “why-la” as it would flow with the sentence, although my brain corrected itself and read the word as it sounded which completely confused me even more. A quick moment of transition in my head made a great laugh for the day.


After the Cheese Factory we headed towards a couple beaches that were packed and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. We decided we would keep driving until we found a beach Cooper could actually play on. We ended up at Rockaway Beach which actually was very large and spacious. Lots of puppies running around, picnics to be had, and little ones building sand castles; this was the perfect stop. Cooper had lots of wiggles to get out as he had been in the car far too long. We parked the stroller up against a log and laid a blanket out for some lunch. He was so overjoyed with all his new surroundings that he possibly couldn’t find the time to eat a couple bites. Daddy ran in the ocean with him, chased a few waves, built sand castles and made a puddle that he decided was the perfect spot to sit. He LOVED the beach.


His diaper was soaked, heavy and filled with sand. He had sand everywhere including his little eyes, we ended the day with him crying from the sand in his eyes as we tried to change him into jammies (pj’s) for the ride home. We knew he was good and worn out and would sleep really well. It was such a joy to take our son to the beach and watch him see all new things and expand the little brain of his. Precious, priceless and wishing I could bottle up these moments.


We got home about 7pm and little man desperately needed a bath, food, and bed. We accomplished this while I scrambled to throw dinner on for Michael and I. While Michael bathed him I decided to make a quick chicken pot pie with leftover rotisserie chicken that needed to be used.


Oh my goodness, this was absolutely amazing!!! Definitely a great crust and fillings with magnificent flavors.

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