Carnival Cruise

We started off our ten day trip on a cruise to the Bahamas with Carnival. Neither my husband nor I have been on a cruise before. We have heard good things about it from my parents and my sister and her husband though they were all on different cruise lines. We took the chance and had a blast.

I am so thankful I upgraded our room to a balcony suite as my son needed a separate space to fall asleep at night without us huddled on the bed in complete silence starring at one another while he plays until he falls asleep; could be 30 minutes. To us, it was worth the extra money to enjoy a balcony with our coffee in the morning and dessert in the evening. We also have free 24 hour room service which was utilized to the max.  We had an awesome view and the first morning as we arrived in Freeport, I woke up early as the time change threw me off a bit. It was simply gorgeous, I couldn’t fall back asleep with all the excitement of docking in a country I’ve never been but always wanted to go. I was so excited to be there with my family and explore the island and enjoy a warm beach that is beautifully bright blue; something we don’t have at home.


Michael and Cooper



The ocean was amazing, Cooper couldn’t get enough of the water it was great! We walked around exploring the many shops and laid on the beach and let Cooper be over stimulated while he tossed the sand up in the air over and over again.

We also docked at Nassau the following day, which I personally enjoyed the most. It was a smaller island with more shops and people. Definitely a different vibe, Freeport was more industrial but still a great place to see; both completely different. Nassau has the giant hotel Atlantis which is basically it’s own city as is. We were planning on going to the aquarium at Atlantis but it was $90 and we only had 3 hours before we had to head back to the ship. It wasn’t worth the money for me as we still had Sea World and Universal Studios back in Orlando to hit up. We enjoyed walking around without a schedule and again hitting up the beaches that are BEAUTIFUL. We got our fill of the sun and warm ocean water while we were gone. Although I must say once we headed back to Florida, the ocean water was basically brown. It probably was pretty normal and beautiful but having seen the blue waters first; it left us feeling dirty on the Florida Coast. The water was just as warm but definitely a different look.

While on the ship there was a lot I enjoyed but A LOT I was pretty unhappy with, this made the balcony even more worthwhile. The atmosphere of the cruise was very “frat house-ish” but with 40 year olds. The main deck where we dined for meals also had the main pool and hot tubs. Every night it was filled with 20-30 men and a handful of women all drunk and acting very inappropriate. The last night was the worst. They had buckets and buckets of beer spread across the side of the pool and one man dropped his swim trunks 2-3 times showing more than we bargained for. Two women also put beer between their chests as men lined up to drink from it. It got out of hand and many families were all disappointed as they had to explain to their kids what was being unfolded before their young eyes. I was thankful Cooper wasn’t old enough to understand but at the same time, I had no interest in watching their drunkenness while headed to dinner. The first night at our formal dinner with Kenny G playing and dim lighting and they interrupted our dinner welcoming us aboard and then proceeded to have the staff dance to “Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the Fur,” while grinding up against polls as they moved throughout the restaurant ending the dinner with classical music and dim lighting. My husband and I were appalled as this was the beginning of our cruise and ending with drunk parties for all to see.

Now let me say, the staff was incredible, they knew our names from the moment we arrived and our room Steward was amazing. He would leave things for Cooper all throughout the day in our room and would always play with him when he saw us walking by. In the dining hall, there were a couple young men who absolutely loved Cooper and would bring him treats and play with him while we ate dinner. They were all so nice and it was great when we got off the ship as we could do our own thing, and aboard the ship we used our balcony to the max. Hindsight, the money was worth more than we expected as we spent a lot of time in our room on the balcony being with our family.


On the balcony


Coopers friend in the dining room

All in all, we had a great time and the Islands were amazing. The staff was great but the atmosphere was not family oriented as I had expected it to be. We will cruise again but definitely would cruise on the Disney Ship as we know that will be kid friendly. We also want to do an Alaskan cruise but with a different cruise line. Carnival simply wasn’t for us but was worth the experience and we still had fun.

We enjoyed lightening storms from afar with no land to break up the night sky; it was beautiful.

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