Captive woman’s rescuer fought with kidnapper

We have some sick people in this world. This story shows the utter depravity of the human race. The fight to rule our own lives and the disaster it brings not only on oneself but to those around who are directly effected. 

Life is a sticky mess without Christ. This displays yet again the deep need for a Savior. I pray for the woman who was kidnapped and I pray for the man who saved her that they both would be saved by the true Master of the World, Jesus Christ.

Friends, it is not that hard to slip up and make poor decisions, but the more you walk in the world, the more blind you become. Please take root and hold tightly to the Truth and don’t walk the line. Do not be tempted nor put yourself in positions that will cause great disaster by one false move.

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Thanks to KGW

Thanks to KGW

Pray continuously to avoid horrible, life-altering consequences.

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