Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

We didn’t have much in our cupboards the last few days except a plethora of hot dogs. I love hot dogs but simply wasn’t in the mood for a baseball meal. I decided since we had hot dogs and bacon I would combine the two. This meal was actually a huge hit and was super easy. My husband ate two dogs and wanted a third one, but I convinced him he couldn’t eat it because I needed it for his lunch the next day. :)


The bad part to this evening was that my son was eating dinner with us and although he had a rough day due to teething he hadn’t eaten much. I was trying anything and everything to get some nutrition into his little body. My husband decided to give him a bite of hot dog; I’ve heard they are choking hazards but he is 14 months old and has a couple teeth. Well, this was a terrible decision. My little man somehow inhaled his bite and it was sitting right on his windpipe that he freaked out. He could let a little cry out every couple of seconds but his face was terrified, the cry sounded as something was not right. My mother instincts decided to quickly pull him out of his highchair even though a little whimper was still able to squeak out. All of a sudden his squeak turned to silence and his face turned beat red and was drooling pretty heavily at this point. I had him tummy down over my arm and was patting his back. Granted, I don’t know how hard I was hitting his little back due to the panic I was experiencing. All of a sudden my husband said “there we go” and the chunk of hot dog flew to the floor. This chunk of hot dog was somehow large and roughly an inch all around. I’m not sure how he got that much and how it quickly got lodged into his little throat but it was SCARY.


Needless to say, my fear was through the roof and my silence overtook. I embraced him the rest of the night before bed and poor little man was thrown off the rest of the night. Poor baby. I hate choking and yet we’ve had a few scares the last 14 months. He hasn’t mastered the task of chewy quite yet, but he will in due time.


Note to self: Don’t feed your little baby hot dogs!



  • Hot dogs
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Buns (I used buns from the bakery)
  • ½ large red pepper
  • ½ large orange pepper
  • ½ large yellow Pepper
  • ½ onion
  • 2 large mushrooms chopped

I wrapped the hot dogs with bacon and placed them on a cookie sheet and set aside. Meanwhile, I sautéed peppers, onion and mushrooms with a little EVOO and a pinch of salt and pepper.


Broil hot dogs on high or 550 degrees until bacon is crisp, roughly 10 minutes depending on your oven. Slice bun open and lightly spread mayo on the bun and cover the hot dog with pepper mixture. Very simple yet so delicious. Serve with salad or potato chips.

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