Airplane Pride

The cool sweat that pushes against my arm as I lean against the armrest on the airplane leaves me beyond frustrated.  I’m stuck tightly in the middle seat with very little space on either side of me while my son sprawling amongst us doesn’t help this squishy scenario. My frustration begins to boil, what makes this woman think she can take over both armrests while also utilizing the space where my feet are supposed to reside? I make a couple inappropriate remarks to my husband quietly. 

The long awaited taxing while waiting for takeoff leaves our entire row angry and deserving. Finally takeoff occurs and my son is restlessly tired, squirming between my husband and I. As I strap my son into the ergo carrier and quietly say “excuse me, I’m trying to position my son with the little room we have,” She glares down at me over her reading glasses as if I just personally offended her and she has done nothing wrong. I strap him in with a little pride rested deep within me. “I told her!” I think to myself wondering why it felt so good to speak up.

During the ascend, she surveys the tight space between us with extreme confidence believing she is clearly not in the wrong. She is flailing all around over exaggerating her movements in hope I would see her response. Within minutes she looks at me with confusion “do you see where the outlet is,” as she points to the sign referencing an outlet between the seats. My heart falls into my stomach, immediately feeling remorse for my deserving actions. What makes me think I have the right to be harsh with this woman? I quickly respond with politeness trying to help locate this item for her. Realizing the flight attendant just spoke through the intercom that we must sit immediately as we are still ascending with our ‘seatblet fastened’ sign on; I jump back down as if I’m not already embarrassed for my course action a few minutes prior. Now the whole plane can see my right to not follow the rules, I must be the exception.

I sit quietly as my son climbs on us like a jungle gym feeling complete remorse for my angered comments that she had to experience. The one encounter I will have with this woman my entire life as I’m remembering I have bible study tomorrow and what a great example I am being, leads me to humiliation and a humbling state as I move over to give her ample room to work on her computer.  My heart softens towards her as she leans over and says “your son is quiet charming,” ugg I think to myself, now she is killing me with kindness, how is this happening, that’s supposed to be my job. Humbled again I quietly say “thank you” while giving her an “I’m sorry” look.

Roughly 30 minutes later my son is at the end of his rope; exhausted and sitting in a poopy diaper. Must I ask this lady to please stand up for me now that my son has soiled himself? She does so with gratitude and offers her lap for Cooper’s legs when we return if that would help him fall asleep. “Your sweet,” I murmur. She didn’t deserve to be treated with disrespect, I get it, but now her kindness digs the knife in deeper. I can since the sincerity knowing she is simply being nice out of the kindness of her heart. I learned my lesson that’s for sure.

Finally Cooper falls asleep, we sit in peace with one another as we both take our attention to our electronics. We hear through the intercom “If anyone is a doctor onboard, please alert a flight attendant right away as there is a medical emergency.” Could this flight become anymore “exciting,” I think to myself.

A few rows behind us, a female doctor stands up to address the young patient needing immediate assistance. We all sit tight waiting the outcome to hear if we can proceed safely or if we are in need of a quick landing. My curious self looks around as they have given this patient two bags of fluids already and asking for our patience onboard as the aisle is blocked for the bathroom. My heart is sad for this ill patient hoping for their health to not be seriously compromised.

We have roughly an hour and forty minutes remaining on our flight  and turbulence begins to pick up pretty heavily. As I lay sleeping for a mere five minutes, I awake to rough waters ahead, or shall I say, rough clouds ahead; it was very bumpy.

As we landed, paramedics awaited our flight for the young woman who had been ill. Three IVs later we find out she has health issues and the doctor aboard was a heart surgeon who could properly help her while in flight. Thankfully she seemed to be ‘okay.’

Due to our chaotic flight arrangements we had 20 minutes to rush to our next gate, get boarding passes and hopefully a bite to eat. Our flight got cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow but they were able to squeeze us on some really random flights and everything had to flow perfectly to not miss one. We got bumped all around and surprisingly we made all three flights and got home safely after touching down in Orlando, Denver, Salt Lake, and finally Portland. LONG day, but Cooper did awesome even without naps; he may have even done better than I. :)


Here he is in one of the many airports happy and playing.

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