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Hi Y’all! My name is Tiffany Cook, also known as Delightfully Doable. I am a small town girl currently living in the city. I’m a housewife and a mother trying to make my way through life. Welcome to Delightfully Doable; I hope you find many delightfully doable options through my site as well as honesty and truth knowing we are all on this path we call “life” together; delighting in doable circumstances.

I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere; literally. I am the youngest of three girls. I moved to the city and worked plenty of jobs taking many years to finally find my nitch. I met my husband through one of my many jobs, got pregnant and have become the wife and mother I’ve always dreamt of. It hasn’t been a cake walk and it hasn’t been the glorious fairytale I had believed as a child. It’s brought real struggles, pain, heartache, and disappointment. On the flip side, it has also brought happiness, peace, joy and a sense of well being; the good outweighs the hardships by far. It’s challenged my faith with the Lord, my relationship with my husband and being a mother. Realizing I am responsible for making marriage and life the best I can with help from those around me. My goal in being married for a short period of time is to only affect my husband and son in a positive way, for them to feel loved 100% of the time, and to know I will do anything for them, be their backbone and support team. I will always be willing to learn, grow and refocus my direction as we figure out what works for us as a family.

I look back on the past and the many roads I had traveled; it all led me back around to who I am today. I worked at an insurance agency as a receptionist wearing suits and pumps, held many jobs as a barista, worked as a makeup consultant at Nordstrom’s Clinique, nannied, taught at a Montessori school, worked at a fish cannery leaving behind my pumps and wearing clothing for 20 degree below weather as I worked in a freezer, and lastly, I worked my hind end off to get my insurance license and sold insurance in 5 different states.

Each job had its ups and downs. Working as a receptionist, makeup consultant, and barista was all fun but never had a future attached to it. I absolutely loved working at Clinique and had hopes to work my way up the ladder but I was lost, I didn’t truly know what I wanted to do or be. I had high hopes I would go to cosmetology school and work in a salon one day. My girlfriend fulfilled this dream as I dilly dallied along lifes paths. Working in a fish cannery taught me a lot about hard work and what it means to truly earn a dollar. Being a teacher at a Montessori school was very rewarding as you engage the little minds and teach them right from wrong. Financially I had to move on as teachers work so hard for so little. I worked as a barista while I finished my bachelor’s degree and was the first woman in my family to graduate with a double major in Biblical Studies and Psychology. After graduating I wasn’t sure where to go in life, nor had I known previously. I knew ultimately I wanted to be a mom and a wife which held me back from pursuing my psychology degree any further. I had always loved the idea of being a Play Therapist for troubled kids; the idea of 6 more years of school and then starting my own practice held me back. As I looked ahead I was hoping that 6 years from then, I would be married with my own kids, so I decided against furthering my education (I do not regret this decision). With that decision I went on to become an insurance agent, my previous position as a receptionist and having a good friend as an agent, prompted me to pursue my license. I was determined to accomplish this and I did; with a lot of hard work and many tests taken, I finally passed the exam and officially was licensed. I worked for a couple different companies as an independent agent making very good money and traveling to Wyoming. That grew old and didn’t satisfy me as a person, something was still missing.  I gave up the money to search for my happiness. I found another position working local with an awesome couple who went to church and had good morals. They took me under their wing and taught me what I needed to know. This position brought me into my husband’s place of employment and that is where my life truly began. We got pregnant within months, and a year later we were married. I dedicated my life to the Lord, promising I would walk a life filled with God’s plan and direction for me. To give up myself and truly live the life we are called to live.

If you can see a pattern in all my previous positions, they all have the same answer; I was lost for quite a few years, floating through life, hoping for the best. I did not know which way was up. I got pregnant out of wedlock which was never my desire, yet I had to step up and carry on with life. I ultimately made the decision, though I never saw myself pregnant before marriage. God used that circumstance to change my life forever. Here I am two years later and the road the last two years has been everything but easy, but due to my commitment to the Lord, I have found peace while traveling through trials and tribulations. I have my dream, although getting married and having a son didn’t happen the way I had envisioned, it has been the biggest blessing for me and happened exactly the way it was supposed to. The depths of my soul are about family values, morals, God, and getting back to the basis of what really matters in life. Everyone on this earth wanders around on the hunt for a place in this world. We get so distracted by life happening around us that the important things seem to slip away. My goal is to bring old traditions back into play; eating dinner as a family, enjoying a cup of coffee on Saturday morning with your spouse as you read a chapter in a book together, cooking healthy and spending quality time with one another, forgetting about social media, and electronics. This is where my passion lies, seeing the world today and the disrespect our young children have, is mind blowing to me. I want to change this as my son is young and protect him from the chaos young kids are experiencing right now; utter disrespect and no self-worth. I am only one person, but hope and pray that I can affect the lives around me to help better ourselves and our families; make a difference.

I had life pretty easy as a child. My parents loved us more than life itself, taught us about faith and how to have good morals, the importance of family, love and self respect. I look back and see that even though I had a great childhood, I still had to find my way in this world. Unfortunately we are human and all make decisions for ourselves. The road map before us is to help guide and protect from hardship along the way; keeping us grounded in the truth. I walked roads I wish were never traveled. My parents warned me in advance and yet I still chose the path I wanted to walk. With that in mind, I made things harder on myself but with my personality, I was stubborn to figure it out on my own. Now that I am older, I realize this life we live was never meant to be traveled alone. God created relationship and relationship is what holds us accountable, on track and grounded. We were not meant to walk alone and yet our selfish desires can cloud our minds thinking we have it all together. God will only allow that for so long as He wants us to learn how to depend on Him, other people and turn to them for guidance.

I am 28 years old and it has taken me this long to truly find my “nitch” in this world. I fulfilled my dream of getting married and starting a family, but one thing I have learned this past year was my desire to write. I have seen how writing has been very healing for me, refocuses my thoughts and keeps me accountable. I have seen the ups and downs of this life and have experienced many trials myself. I have learned from my husband through his heartaches and his wisdom and with all of this, I have felt compelled as I believer in Christ to share that life is not easy once you become a child of God. We all face the same decisions and we all go through heartache at one point or another. It does not matter if you believe in Christ or not; trails still remain. I want to be the advocate for those who go through deep hurt and wonder why God seems to be invisible. I want everyone to experience the deep embrace of God’s love and peace you can experience if you are willing to receive it. I hope to sway young adults from traveling the path I had traveled, learning from my mistakes and most of all I want to be real. I want to provide a place where questions can be asked and real dialog can occur.

Along with writing, I absolutely love to cook. I enjoy baking as well but along with baking it requires no altering of recipes; which I often do. I grew up cooking in the kitchen with my mom, I remember when I was really young I had my own stool I would stand on as she taught me how to crack eggs, make pie crust, cinnamon rolls, homemade noodles and how much seasoning can make a dish perfect. Through the years I mastered a few recipes and would hide the cookie dough from my sister. Now having my own child, I am way more health conscious as to what chemicals reside in the foods he is eating. I have transitioned our household meals to be the staple meat, veggies, and potato meal as I feel a well rounded meal is what life is missing these days. My motto is: MODERATION. You will see how I provide healthy meals as well as yummy treats that may not be so healthy. My main goal is to provide recipes that are primarily found in your pantry. I hope I can provide you with a well-rounded group of healthy indulgences that allow your taste buds to be satisfied. I do not believe in going vegan, vegetarian, fad diets etc.; I do NOT condemn anyone who takes this path either, I simply believe moderation is key. You will see some terribly unhealthy cookie recipes that are beyond amazing, as well as the extreme all natural organic meals. I believe life is all about moderation and starts at the table. I myself, have a complete sweet tooth and would never be able to toss the sugar from my diet. I also look at my grandparents and the way their diet started; in the fields harvesting wheat, potatoes, and veggies along with their farm animals to provide meat and eggs. This is standard and is what I believe to be the beginning of healthy eating; straight from the ground with no additions.

This is me; a simple girl who shares my thoughts as they come into my head, recipes I love and hearing your comments.

Thank you all!

Tiffany; Delightfully Doable

  1. Tiffany! I absolutely LOVED reading “your story”…thank you for sharing it and putting yourself out there! This was so genuine, real and vulnerable. I admire you as a sister in Christ. God takes our story and make it HIS! I am excited to see how He transforms you, grows you, refines you, and loves you through it all! I’m glad I know you!

  2. Tiffany, you are the real deal. I’m so proud of you and the wonderful mother and wife you’ve become. You are a precious work of God’s transforming grace and love. It’s thrilling to watch. I love you so much. Mom

  3. Tiffany,
    This is a wonderful website. This is your long lost Aunt Betsy (Cathy’s sister). So glad that my prayers have been answered that Michael has reconnected with her. What a blessing for all of you.

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