A Moment For Me???

How easy is it for a mom to get a moment of free time for herself? I’m not too sure about all of you ladies out there, but my song and dance is never alone. The countless showers, bathroom breaks and pulling on my finger to come outside and play is never-ending. Your ears never get a break, your souls never gets to rest, and your eyes are droopy looking like you have an illness taking over your body when really it’s just the disease called “exhaustion” while toothpicks prop your eyes open on a too regular basis.


The only “alone” time I get is while my husband snores next to me and my son is sleeping. This is the time Pinterest becomes appealing, Twitter exciting and Facebook stocking. My wonderful phone carrier for some reason does NOT work while laying perfectly still in a funky position in bed hoping for something enticing to pop up on the screen. Just than the thoughts runs across my brain, “maybe you shouldn’t be looking at smut magazines, maybe you should be reading your Bible?” The guilt plagues deep in my soul opting for a chance to possibly open the bible app on my now “no service” phone. Waiting and waiting and still no response. Even with my luck, Ecclesiastes will not revive my soul.

Anticipating that moment of “me” time before my husband rolls over and the light of the cell phone displays across his face attempting to wake him up. Or the sleepy head in the next room rolling over only to have his pacifier fall on the floor abruptly waking his little soul.

This “me” time is longing to be met while my phone decides to hold not an ounce of reception. I look forward to my 15 minutes of fame every night while laying as quiet as a bug in-a-rug to get my latest fashion update or keeping up with the Kardashians newest marriage fail. But even though this hopeless dream excites me every night yet continually lets me down, I continue to be persistent. Its almost as if maybe the world will turn just enough on the earths axle that as I lay my head to rest tonight, maybe, just maybe I will get some hope from my Pinterest app.  And if this dream does get fulfilled, I know I am that much closer to the cancer causing cell phone towers and ever so grateful that my “alone” time was successful.

Though I haven’t fully accepted this outcome, I know my body is appreciating the extra 30 minutes to an hour Pinterest easily consumes. The meaningless minutes float away ever so quickly only leaving you more exhausted the following day. Yet I still persist and fight to overcome the losing battle of cellphone reception.


But though my luck wouldn’t render this joyous time for myself, I will keep trying every night as the screen lights up, the app attempts to open and as my hopes become disappointments. I will rest peacefully knowing those two minutes, although discouraging, were still two minutes of “me” time.


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